Wednesday, November 23, 2011

[Pix] Kyu Jong in Gyeonggi 11.22.11

Kyu Jong was in Gyeonggi yesterday afternoon to perform at Gyeonggi Broadcasting. I've only seen few videos from this event so far and not much photos. So for those who haven't seen any video yet of Kyu Jong performance from this event you may click HERE.

For photos from the same event, I am shoving this set here from yulkoon ( that I got from Baidu.

Following photos were taken when Kyu Jong was leave the venue. As always, he's nice to fans by giving shutterbug/s peace signs, cute 'clenched teeth' smile that he's been making a lot lately (and becoming his trademark) and rolling down the window of his car before leaving and giving greetings and word of thanks to fans.

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sinthia said...

Kyu seduction!
This boy knows how make girls become crazy for him!xb