Sunday, November 13, 2011

[Audio] Jung Min's MYFM Radio Interview 11.11.11

for loading the audio interview of Jung Min from MYFM in Malaysia in relation to the Hennessy Artistry 2011 Party. Much thanks as well to MYFM.

I don't understand Chinese but from what I read Jung Min Chinese here is really really good. I hope we get to hear from Chinese speaking visitors here how he's diction is.


kelly said...

As someone who never knows Chinese before, he is really, really very good. And very natural amidst the slight accent.

Anonymous said...

yes he is really good - definitely has improved tremendously

so proud of wuri mal

slimz1808 said...

Min did well in his mandarin here! Thou at times he needed a translator but he has been learning only recently, its really Daebak!
hmmm,i believe there would be min fans doing subbing of this?
Anyway, he mentioned abt his 2012 plans:
1) TW drama
2) Japan Album
3) Japan Tour
4) Kor Drama
5) Kor Album

He is ONE BUSY man in 2012!

ping0119 said...

wow~!! Mal's Chinese has really improved tremendously. really Daebak~

Omg he's fluent in Korean, Japanese, Chinese! T_T What's next??