Monday, November 28, 2011

[FanCams] Young Saeng @ 'Three Musketeers' Curtain Call 11.27.11

Fancams from Madeleine is out. Much thanks to for sharing the following videon on Madeleine's official YouTube channel. Please DO NOT re-upload on any other sites including YT.

Seems that there are some few cute stuff in today's curtain call. Young Saeng practically lie on the floor when he fell done at 0:31 and the cute sword show he did on 3:51.

Young Saeng seems so happy on stage once again. He's aura is like the very first time he's on stage. He looks very satisfied. Ei, did you noticed that he's fringe has less curls today?

Btw, there is something about the way Young Saeng acknowledges/welcomes every members on stage, the way he 'snaps' when he extends his arm is always so nice.

Here is a video of Young Saeng together with HyeongJin leaving the venue after the show tonight.


Anonymous said...

yes he does look very happy indeed

a very happy Heo'tagnan makes us all very happy too

Chara said...

:-) Of course he does. Ah, YoungSaeng-ssi, what's the reason you are so happy today, hm? 말해봐요, 말해봐요... (Tell us, tell us.) ^^

Great job indeed.^^