Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Surge of Pix of Hyun Joong from 2011 Japan Tour in Tokya 11.19.11

The second to last city that Hyun Joong toured in Japan was Tokyo. This was held last November 19. Here are the photos that I lifted from Baidu from the post of 00lanse which came from the shutterbug of

Click the following image to enlarge.

Today was the last leg of the 2011 Japan tour in Japan. The last city he went to perform was Fukouka


Anonymous said...

Very Well Done!

Congratulations on your first solo concert .

pengfoo said...

Hyun Joong is a really incredible performer. He is so talented and engaging . He absolutely commands the stage and mesmerizes as he gyrates on his platform.

I celebrate the success of Hyun Joong. Congratulations for completing a great run! Looking forward to what is to come!

Anonymous said...

congrats hj! u did a fantastic job on your first concert and it was a success! and i'm glad to see that you are still in good health! i'm looking forward to your drama next and finally your world tour!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats for a successful concert in Japan. Pls rest well before your come back..

Anonymous said...

all Triple S,..
Please vote Hyun Joong for Yahoo Buzz,..

Micky is leading almost all category,.please make our Leader on the first,.^^

Anonymous said...

our sexy leader.