Friday, November 18, 2011

[FanCam] Young Saeng @ Three Musketeers Curtain Call 11.17.11 by rmdkdl

Another successful night for Young Saeng's 2nd stage. Here's curtain call of last 17th of November show courtesy of 's YouTube channel. Much thanks to peacejerry for the tweet!

Next stage of Young Saeng will be on the 19th of November.

Btw, Young Saeng just posted on Twitter and I am shoving here translation from SGLove501 though @honeyeee mentioned in her tweet that the trans may not be accurate. Anyway, I am posting here to give us idea of what the message of YS is. Thanks honeyeee!

[Trans] Am i really lucky or what? 3 Musketeers hyungs.. Noonas.. ensemble actors.. they are really great!! Its my first musical.. Do i really deserve this? Its much more than what i had expected.. Really really thankful!! ^^ My second show! Ended~~~ kkkk RT 내가 정말 행운아인걸까? 삼총사를 같이 하는 형님들.. 누나들.. 앙상블 배우분들.. 너무좋다!! 처음하는 뮤지컬인데.. 이렇게 좋은분들과 해도 될까? 싶을 정도로 하는분들.. 넘넘 감사합니다!!^^ 저의 두번째 공연! 끝~~~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


kelly said...

Liezle, thanks for posting up the translation of YS' tweet. So late and yet he still tweeted, showing his gratitude, thanks and appreciation. I always believe a person who appreciate what others did for him and be thankful for what he or she has will be a happy person. Be happy and enjoy, YS.

Thanks again for posting when it is already so late, liezle. Sweet dreams :)

tetsu_girl said...

even cuter than yesterday! loving this cute and confident Heo'tagnan!
thanks for sharing!

Chara said...

The tweet SO shows what his face shows on stage! It's great to know he enjoys this with all his heart. That's what I wished for him for long. :-) Glad he found it.

It's the right place for him. ^^ Maybe he'll return steady for that, when he decides not to be an Idol singer any longer... who knows?^^

sinthia said...

who would have thought it?
Some years ago he said he never would do musical because it was difficult. xb
I'm glad he is feeling satisfied with the result of his hard work!

Saengie has always been the perfectionist guy, always thinking he could do even better.
But seems that finally he understood how great he is on stage!!^^
I wonder what is the magic of theater that our boys become so confident after acting in musicals. xb

Hope this be the first of many others spectacles. Because just like Chara said, it's the right place for him. And... I wanna have a chance to see him futurely, of course. hehe