Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hyun Joong & Justin Davis

Singer Hyun Joong and jewelry designer Justin Davis both are associated with skulls and the two will be collaborating soon.

As many of us already know, Hyun Joong loves skulls and he even designed his own character inspired by skull and aliens, U:Zoosin. Justin Davis on the other hand loves designing skulls for his Biker’s Jew­elry collection (also known as gothic sil­ver jew­elry, rocker jew­elry & rock and roll jew­elry) because of its immense pop­u­lar­ity with bik­ers worldwide.

Last Thursday, it has come to our attention after Justin Davis posted on his Facebook wall that Hyun Joong will be designing a necklace with initials set in red and blue stone that will be part of his 2012 Collection. From the post on FB it is said that the necklace is priced at 27,300 yen (appox US$355) tax included and that more details will be out in December.

For those not familiar with Justin Davis, here's something about this jewelry designer who's big in Japan.

Justin Davis is a hugely successful jewelry designer who hailed from the USA, but made his mark in Japan. Justin Davis was obsessed with royalty. His gothic jewelry designs are often associated with themes of crowns, stars and most exceptionally, skulls. His designs are very popular amongst motorcycle enthusiasts and punks.

Justin Davis' boutique can be found in La Foret in Harajuku, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Below are just some of the collection of Justin Davis. Click HERE to view more and HERE for his 2011 Christmas Collection.

Above are just some of Justin Davis' animal motif designs.

P.S. Finally, this has been posted. ^^ I have been wanting to post this since last Friday but I thought of checking first some background info on JD.
Btw, I know that Hyun Joong uses Chrome Hearts who is well known for its skull designs as well and famous in Korea. I wonder if he'll start collecting JD too. To read more about Chrome Hearts, you may click HERE.


Anonymous said...

OMG, my 4D prince.
Love you.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what he will come up with.
Love all the stuff he designed before - like the KHJ-SS501 pendant, the drawing of the face on the ladies hand-bag and the jacket holder for the Anycall mobile phone.
This will be a whole necklace! Will be awesome, I am sure since he is such a creative guy.