Wednesday, November 16, 2011

[FanCams] Young Saeng @'Three Musketeers' Curtain Call 11.15.11

The much awaited curtain call video from the musical 'Three Musketeers' in which Young Saeng made his very first musical stage appearance. Much thanks to for capturing this moment and sharing on YoutTube. Also to of Madeleine for the 2nd video.

Please DO NOT re-upload videos from any other streaming sites including YT as these fanclubs have already provided their official YouTube channel for us.

Young Saeng is looking so adorable as D'Artagnan and his face is showing a great deal of happiness. He must be satisfied and elated with his maiden performance as well as the support he got from fans, friends and colleagues.

From the tweets I read, Young Saeng was so into his character and there were scenes in which they have interaction with fans. With regard to the kiss, I read that he has two kissing scenes. ^^

As everyone must have known already Kyu Jong sent flowers to Young Saeng. Here is the photo of the flower stand as well as the translation. Much thanks to @501wangja for the trans.

3 November Heo Young Saeng, 15 November Heo D'Artagnan,
uri hyung manse
Singer Kim Kyu Jong

Wise Kyu Jong to send a flower stand for hitting two occasion... birthday and congratulatory for the musical. Kyu Jong must be being funny or hes just really stingy. ^_^

Alright, with this I think I have to end this post with my third congratulatory greeting and this time it goes for the cute and cocky Young Saeng for a wonderful show on his first musical stage. Congratulations, Young Saeng!

P.S. Will end this post by adding this vid again from Madeleine where they captured Young Saeng leaving the venue. Thanks to veggiedelight for the light email.


Chara said...

absolutely fascinating!!!

Oh hey, I'm sitting here in tears out of a nummeartion of reasons. Totally mix of feelings. Feel happiness, exertion, envy for the fans who can see him and am just absolutely over the clouds by his performance... Ottoke?

Anonymous said...

ohhh what a cutie he is! so he colored his hair for the musical, it fits his role perfectly! in fact i think his hair color looks better than leader!

pengfoo said...

Judging from just these last few minutes of the curtain call, the show seems to have been a triumphant success.
You can see how elated the whole cast seems to be with their performance as a whole,with each congratulating the other for their part in the contributing to the success of the musical.
There were happy faces all round, with the confidence showing on Young Seang's cute face.
I am so happy for him. He seems to be in his element and may have gotten a motivation to try for other projects later on.
I am sure this show will be a huge success as there seems to be energy on this stage. I want to congratulate YS in his success and wish him the very best.
He deserves it and it seems the stage is made for him!

Anonymous said...

wow!!! seems like the show was a great success and ys seems very happy and satisfied!!! and the hair color looks really good on him! how i wish i can go watch his musical!!! congrats ys!!!

Anonymous said...

our otter prince looks sooooooooooo happy!

sooooooooooo proud of you dearie!

kelly said...

Amazed at how these artistes can just transformed themselves. Be it YS or KJ, so shy and quiet at first but yet when given the challenge, they just changed totally and fit into their new roles. Full respect for them. Congratulations, YS! And thanks to Liezle and the wonderful video capturers :)

slimz1808 said...

YS looks like a small boys amongst these actors!

Kyu and many other frens tweeted re YS's performance...too bad no Vid/pict allowed. Wonder will there be DVD released? He sounded great at the curtain call, those clear and high vocals...hits a contrast with the other actor.. NICE ^^

Really curious how the interaction with Fans part flow into the story. Chara, u aren't going? heee.. then can come back & share fanAcct with us =D

I think Kyu's messages are creative,not the mundane congrats..Rem HJB's BD he oso din give normal message =P (alright, I'm Kyu bias... )

Anonymous said...

so proud to YS,..
Congrats oppa ^^
and all SS501 members have kisses now,

kelly said...

The two videos really complement each other, one far, one close. And looking at the close shot, it is wonderful. The makeup is light and natural, it doesn't seems that YS has put on any. Cute and corky D'Artagan, how I wish I did not just buy an empty seat, but can be there. The singing by the whole cast in the curtain call really makes me itch to be there. If only Seoul is next door :)

kelly said...

And by the way, anybody knows who is the musketeer on the left side of YS, the real left side? He seems to treat YS as a young boy, the way he hug him :)

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL! FASCINATING! he really put in all his effort into doing this. totally proud of him :) by the way, he only acts once in this musical is it or there's still another time ? :0 and why does young saeng seemed like he's about to tear up :( or tht's just his character ? anyways, BEST PERFORMANCE AMONG ALL THE OTHER BEST PERFORMANCES HE'D EVER DONE BEFORE ! :D

etet said...

Heotagnan you are!!!
That 'dimpled smile' is absolutely gorgeous.....
And he seems to have wonderful relationship with his fellow actors!!!!
Love seeing our 'Boys' so happy and confident...

One for All and All for One!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thrilled and very touching to see Saengie's great performance!!! I can tell how successful this is from the perfectionist's satisfied happy handsome face... he always always exceeds people's expectation. Glad to see he is so loved by the other actors too. Really proud of Saengie^^ Very thankful to the fancam and Leizle's posting!

Anonymous said...

SS501 stint in DSP may be history but personally, kudos to the company which formed this fantastic group and trained them to give their best in all that they do and not take their talents for granted. This is a valuable legacy that has carried on in their solo careers and the supposed more reticent ones like YoungSaeng & KyuJong are shining in their elements.
Good job, YS !

Chara said...

Really can't go. Shoot! Am stuck with my job here in Germany and can't make the time to go to Seoul even for a week only. (If I had this time I would have bought the tickets already...) T_T
But I agree with all of you. Seldom have seen YS as such a happy chap on stage as it is the case here. ^^

Anonymous said...

Congrat YS.

Solo is good for all SS501 members.
All have chances to show their talents and abilities.

Fighting YS.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to otter prince, Heo Yeong Saeng! May he reap a wonderful success in his musical! And please no comparing, HYS looks good with this hair-colour and so does KHJ with his. Enough said...

kj_neth05 said...

Congrats to YS! He keeps on sniffing on the videos. Looks like he has colds. Despite this, did his best. Must always take care of health.