Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Post Overflowing of Jung Min Pix from Hennesy Artistry 2011 Party by OnlyMin

Wow, a lot of photos of Jung Min were taken by OnlyMin at the Hennessy Artistry 2011 Party. The shutterbug must have found it to her delight to click and click and get series of shots of Jung Min.

Alright, no more pausing and zooming the vids to see Jung Min's facial expressions while behind the turntable to do his DJ Park stuff. You may now stare at the photos below to check Jung Min's cute, sexy and adorable expressions.

Again, much thanks to OnlyMin.

Btw, in behalf of OnlyMin, I would like to extend our thanks also to MYPJM and MyKpopHuntress for without them according to OnlyMin their trip won't turn out good for them. So thanks guys!

Now get ready for some showing of skin from Jung Min. ^^




No No....

No No No...

Oppssie... he noticed... he wants to look modest. ^^

I envy JM's flat tummy.

Haha... I guess you know why i didn't include this
in the thumbnail set. ^_^

More interesting photos but in thumbnails. Just click each to enlarge.


yyann said...

heep heep!! thanks to OnlyMin shutterbug~ ^^

overloaded with jungmin today!! xDD

tetsu_girl said...

ahh so many awesome pics! *overwhelmed* thanks so much to OnlyMin and everyone else for sharing! :D

LapinApple said... the pic where you said "I guess you know why i didn't include this
in the thumbnail set. ^_^" ...i know why...haha... and me too, i envy Jungmin's flat tummy... and i wanna see more skin of Jungmin..haha..thankz to those who took a lot of Jungmin's photos...=D

sinthia said...

No for nothing he's called sexy charisma. He really knows how to seduce women! Look that face! wow...I can't even choose one to set as my desktop background.
He hypnotizes me with that foxy face. hihihi
His sharp eyes have something that melt me... and it's just a picture!xD
I know Koreans don't like tanned skin, but I find it so sexy!
He's looking great suntanned, and even more wearing tank top.Very sexy!