Wednesday, November 30, 2011

[Ch & Eng Subbed] Jung Min's Interview in KEN 'The Interview'

Much much thanks to for sharing this on her YT channel and to all the translators as well as to All for Park Jung Min.

This is a very interesting interview as Jung Min talked about his Taiwanese drama, how he started as a magazine model then VJ, a bit on how he was discovered. He also revealed that his learning English (know why in the interview). Lastly, he talked about his dream of being recognized as Park Jung Min (which I think is now being realized).


[CN&EN Subbed]PARK JUNG MIN - 111114.Korean Entertainment News 'The Interview'

韩中翻译 KO-CH Translation:便利店阿四 (Kiki)
中英翻译 CH-EN Translation:便利店小二 (J)
时间 Time:小琳 (L)
视频制作 Video Production:为MIN服务 (T)
特别鸣谢 Special thanks to: JMSHINE

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slimz1808 said...

min says he is fat? gosh...y are they always thinking they are fat (=__=)!

and he is worried abt saying things re ideal girl and GF,coz will lose fans.. so kyu just committed sucide with his JJ's confession that there's some1 he likes?

Maybe coz i'm noona fan..i'm happy they are getting hitch coz that's the normal thing, isn't it?