Wednesday, November 23, 2011

[Scanned Pix] Three Musketeers' Souvenir Book

Much thanks to oolanse or posting this on Baidu as well as Sudal for the tip. Of course loads of thanks to Madeleine (마들렌 ) for scanning this and sharing on their website, to be shared to everyone who wouldn't be able to get this souvenir book.

Heo'tagnan is so cute in this snapshot.

I wish to see more of his performances, but since I am not in Seoul
I think I will just have to wait for the DVD to be released.

Bedimpled Young Saeng. So cute, right?

Nice photo with the cast members.

Two handsome D'Artagnan

Whoever is playing Constance is so lucky.
She's being envied by almost everyone.


pengfoo said...

Thank-you for the YS moments!. He is looking good here. The musical stage suits him.
Congratulations, Young Saeng, Well Done!

Anonymous said...

i really like ys in golden blonde hair! it really suits him well! and he seems so comfortable in this musical. you cannot see his usual shyness or akwardness at all!

Chara said...


Absolutely agree with what you said. Can't remember, when I last saw him so happy and comfortable with what he was doing... Actually can't remember at all...

Not even in Persona Concert did he have the attitude he has nowadays, even though he was comfortable there too. But different somehow.

At least that's how it seems like for me. ^^

Anonymous said...

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