Sunday, November 13, 2011

[Media Pix] Hyung Jun's Special Ed DVD Fan Signing Event 11.13.11

Today at Times Square in Yeoungdeungpo, Seoul Kim Hyung Jun had his first fan-signing event for the Special Edition DVD that was released on the 10th of November in Seoul.

The Special Edition DVD has a total duration of 300 minutes. It includes 3 DVD discs, 1 CD, a 72-pages photobook, signed postcard, poster, and polariod for lucky fans. So for those interested, you can still get your copy.

Here are media photos that I lifted from Naver and Daum. There are more photos. I will try to included them here later.


sinthia said...

wow he slimmed down too much!! He's looking so tired in these pics.. =\
I hope he take care of his health and don't get sick. He must take some vacations before that happens.

But anyway, I'd like to get his autograph too. Can't wait to receive my copy of his dvd. ^^

Anonymous said...

cutie junnie lost his weight a lot,.. TT

ping0119 said...

and he's still continuing to be on a diet T_T
stop it!!