Tuesday, November 29, 2011

[Pix] Hyung Jun @ Gimpo 11.28.11 by Prettyboy

After taking part in the 'Lie To Me' OST Concert and shooting some scenes in Japan for his first very first drama series 'She's Completely Insane', Hyung Jun came back to Korea yesterday and was welcomed by his adoring fans at Gimpo.

From the press releases and even from Hyung Jun, it was said that he's working out and and that we will see a many Hyung Jun. But from photos we've been seeing so far of Hyung Jun before and now while shooting the drama he's so thin. Just look at the photos below, look at his cheeks. I hope that the diet that his trainor gave him will stop and he'll let him eat. I don't think that Hyung Jun has fats on his body that needed to be burned just so that muscles will be formed. Hope the dieting will be over soon. I want him with meat.

Anyway, thanks to Prettyboy for the following photos posted on their website.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Liezle..
He should stop diet,.and eat more meat..

I didnt say I hate Hyung Jun's look..
He still handsome as always..

Stop diet oppa,..its for your health..^^

sinthia said...

Every time he slim down I think he looks manlier, and I love that! ^^
But I also love his baby face when he gets chubby! ^^ Oettoke? hihihi
His handsomeness is endless. =b

Anonymous said...

I think that Hyung Jun looks much better when slimmer. I'm glad he lost some of the weight.