Sunday, November 06, 2011

Surge of Pix of Young Saeng from Tokyo FanMeet 11.04.11 by Madeleine

Bunch of thanks to Madeleine for the wonderful photos of Young Saeng taken by their shutterbug at the Tokyo Fan Meeting.

I was actually thinking whether to post the other photos in thumbnail but didn't do it because I wanted to see Young Saeng's every snapshots in big images. Much thanks to 00lanse for sharing these photos on Baidu.

I am so blissfully happy seeing tons of vids and pix of Young Saeng. I guess this November, we will be having lots of him.


wilda said...

Mr. Heo become so dashing and handsome ^^

Anonymous said...

Very happy to see Saengie. Just can't get enough of him^^

Anonymous said...

YS doing his moves. Smooth, baby!