Wednesday, November 09, 2011

[Article] Hyung Jun Cast in a Mini Series

I have blogged about this last night and finally saw a translated article that can be re-posted. ^^ Thanks to leesa86 for the sharing this on AKP.


[News] SS501′s Kim Hyung Jun cast in a new mini-series
Source & Image: SportsDongA via Naver
Courtesy of leesa86 @ Allkpop

Singer Kim Hyung Jun who has received much love from fans as the maknae of SS501 and now as a solo artist has been cast as the main male character in a new mini-series. The mini-series will air on KBSN and is titled, ‘She’s Completely Insane‘.

He will be playing the role of the chic and edgy top celebrity named Kang Min. He has tossed aside his suave and adorable image, and transformed into a tough and masculine character for his new role.

‘She’s Completely Insane’ tells the story of a star, a producer and a director, and the love story that develops in the midst of their careers. Director Lee Jung Pyo who has worked on major projects such as ‘Quiz of gods 2‘ and ‘The Original‘ has taken on this new mini-series, heightening viewers’ already-high expectations.

‘She’s Completely Insane’ will air its first episode sometime early next year.

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