Monday, November 21, 2011

[Article] Hyung Jun at 'Glowing She!' First Drama Shooting

Much much thanks to Honeyeee for doing the translation of this article over at FB page.

I'm so happy about this new project of Hyung Jun. Though the drama will be on cable, I hope for the huge success for this drama.

The youngest of SS501 has tried almost everything dancing, singing, DJing, MCing, musical play, modeling and tv acting. He's young and still can do a lot more. Fighting, Hyung Jun!

Btw, in this article, Honeyeee translated the drama title to 'Glowing She!' while earlier and in the previous articles I posted and even on the label of this post I used 'She's Completely Insane'. Hee, don't know which is which but whatever is the title, surely I will be looking forward to this. ^^


[News] Kim Hyung Jun 'Glowing She!' First shoot... "Do not want to be someone who doesn't put in effort"
Translation: Honeyeee @

Singer Kim Hyung Jun begins first shooting for KBS Drama 'Glowing She!" (Scripted by: Yu Yeong Eun, Son Mi Su, Directed by: Lee Jeong Pyo) and transforms into an actor.

In the drama, Kim Hyung Jun plays a haggard topstar, Kang Min, and have successfully completes his first shoot on the 19th in a hospital in Seoul. On this day, the shooting of the scene involves Kang Min seeking medical consultation in the hospital due to an unexpected discomfort in his body. Dressed in a black skinny leather jacket and overwhelmed with individuality, Kim Hyung Jun attracted all eyes on him with his serious and haughty expression despite looking haggard.

After the first shoot, Kim Hyung Jun said "I do not want to be someone who did not put in effort although i am not sure if i did well. Since this is my first challenge as an actor, i tend to be very careful when i am infront of the camera. Although I had a lot of difficulties, it was much more interesting than i thought."

He also revealed that "Despite me lacking in a lot of areas, directors and senior actors were very considerate and kind, hence i was able to follow along. In future, I will do lots of preparation and work harder to show a better better work, do my best and greet everyone with an interesting drama.

'Glowing She!' reveals events behind the glamorous broadcasters in the entertainment department, unfolding interesting stories of newcomer scriptwriter (So Yi Hyeon) surrounding Star PD (Park Gwang Hyeon) and topstar, fighting for love and striving in work. It will be aired early next year.


Anonymous said...

can't wait for this drama...:D

Anonymous said...

damn he looks so hot!

sinthia said...

humm this drama sounds interesting...^^

Although it will be on cable so it's difficult become very popular,but in another hand I think it's better, because cable's dramas normally show the most interesting stories, hence baby can get more experience in his very first drama!

I'm so looking forward to this! Next year we will be the happiest fandom with our boys getting around in many areas!=]

etet said...

Nice to see Baby back acting. Our boys are really beginning to spread their wings!!!!! so nice to see all of them doing so much more.....

Ok now here comes another Off the Topic Comment.....
If I saw someone "drawing blood" like this, they would be Fired!!!!! I know, I know its a drama but can it at least be a little more realistic....