Thursday, November 10, 2011

[Pix] Hyun Joong's 2011 Japan Concert Tour : Osaka 11.09.11

Hyun Joong kicked off his 2011 Japan Concert Tour in Oksaka yesterday, 9th of November. From the tweets I read he sang a total of 10 songs and had time to play with fans and talk to them.

Here are photos from from the concert. Much much thanks for the shutterbug for painstakingly capturing this and sharing with us.

Today, Hyun Joong left for the next city where he will have the concert. The next stop will be Sapporo, Japan.


And here is a brief translation of wonderrrgirl on her blog. This just a short but cute portion of the interview. Much thanks to Ahlia and of course wonderrrgirl.

Briefly on Hyun Joong’s talk time in Osaka’s concert
Credit: Ahlia0606
Translator (from her verbal account): wonderrrgirl /

*please repost with full credits*

MC: Hyun Joong-ssi, do you like to drink alcohol?

KHJ: No…

(Fans from audience: ayyeeeee~~~~!!)

KHJ: *smiles* I mean, I don’t like to drink alone, but I enjoy drinking with my friends. So, I often meet up with my friends (from Jaksal) for a drink or a meal.

KHJ: Also, there were occasions when I drank together with my fans as well.

KHJ: At this moment, there is even a fan here among the audience whom I have drank together with.

KHJ: Other than drinking with myself, I will only drink with people whom I can trust.


Anonymous said...

Handsome and cute as always.

Anonymous said...

looking at these pictures, it must be a great performance, just wish i was there!!

Anonymous said...

Don't drink much, Hyun Joong ah.
Love you.