Friday, November 25, 2011

Pix of Kyu Jong @ Gyeonggi Broadcasting 11.22.11

HeStory released photos of Kyu Jong taken at Gyeonggi Broadcasting last 22nd of November. Much much thanks to their shutterbug for another wonderfully taken photos.

When I saw this photos, I couldn't help quoting sinthia's 'Kyu seduction' comment in one of my post about Kyu Jong. So, check this photos out. ^_^

Kyu Jong performed at Gyeonggi Broadcasting today. On stage he did 'Yesterday' using his his suspenders with bling bling.


Tya said...

I'm......seduced..kkkkkkk >o<!!!

slimz1808 said...

i saw the videos.. this boy even went down to the audience to teach his wave + suspender dance!!!!
liezle! i wanna complain!! y din he do it at the shows that we went?!

liezle said...

Hi slimz1808! Where is the link to that vid? I want to see... can you please share? Thanks!


sinthia said...

I want to see the videos too!! Please share it with us!!!

What can I say about him? Uuuuh boy!
He's so freakin' handsome!! *.*

Slimz1808 said...

It's in the wangjanim 8mins fan cam.. Somewhere in the middle I think..