Wednesday, November 16, 2011

[Article] Jung Min Put Up a Splendid Perf at H-Artistry

Another congratulatory post and this time around it's for Jung Min for a very splendid performance at Kuala Lumput, Malaysia last 12th of November at the Hennessy Artistry 2011 Party.

Here is translated article about the event courtesy of Honeyeee of LOVE501.COM posted on their FB.


[News] Park Jung Min, Malaysia H-Artistry Opening Performance 'Filled up the stage fully even alone'
Source: TV DAILY
Translation: Honeyeee @ LOVE501.COM

Singer Park Jung Min from group SS501 put up a splendid performance at Malaysia which captivated fans.

Despite his busy schedules from filming drama in Taiwan, Park Jung Min attended the 'H-Artistry' event held at Malaysia on the 12th this month and showcased a fantastic performance.

Every year, 'H-Artistry' would tour around the world, inviting hottest artistes as performers and Park Jung Min attended the event as a representative from Korea. Apart from Park Jung Min, performers attended the event includes famous America singer songwriter-cum-producer Chris Willis, Taiwan's famous singer Landy Wen, Yolanda be Cool, DJ Goldfish & Blink and so on.

The day before the event, Park Jung Min had interviewed with China Press, Astro Hitz, E! News Asia and 10 over other TV, magazines, radio and daily Newspaper. On this day, it particularly surprised everyone around when Park Jung Min did the interview in Mandarin without having an interpreter.

Park Jung Min's agency CNR Media said "Park Jung Min performed at the opening of 'H-Artistry' with dance and impressive performance which he have not done so before, such as Electronic, Club Mix, Shuffle Dance and so on. The performance of Park Jung Min DJ-ing personally received a lot of responses from people. With over 3000 spectators from Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines attended the event, the atmosphere was really hot" and "Having a tight schedule due to the filming of drama, his health was not at its best condition as well. But in order to show a perfect performance and his best appearance as an artist, he would put in a lot of effort and practice whenever time permits."

Park Jung Min have since travelled to Taiwan to continue with the shooting of his drama after the event ended.


Anonymous said...

is there a link of the original source? i want to tip this to allkpop. thanks

liezle said...

Hi 1:31! Her is link to the original source which is TVDaily >

Anonymous said...

thank you liezle! :)

sinthia said...

Yeah!!uri Jung Minnie wins everyone's heart with his talent,charisma and hard work!! ^^
Can't stop loving him more and more!!

tetsu_girl said...

thanks for sharing, Love501 & Liezle!

i'm really proud of Jung Min! he put on a one-man variety music show, and from the fancams, the audience loved it!

thanks to the anonymous who sent in the tip to AKP. i was going to do it, too. XD actually i had already sent in 2 other articles and included fancam links of the special performances, but so far, AKP hasn't posted it. XP they better, because a Kpop rep performing with international artists at an exclusive show is big hallyu news! ><

pengfoo said...

Ya, Jung Min has the personality for this kind of shows and adds value to the offering.
I have always liked Jung Min for his drive and his tremendous energy. He always adds drama with his contribution. He is a vibrant character and is entertaining and pro-active. He is also the one who tries the hardest in learning the languages with a very impressive proficiency in them because of his diligent effort.He will be well rewarded for it.
Very happy for his success and all good wishes to him for the future !

Anonymous said...

Jungmin is really impressive with everything he tremendously proud of him.=D

Anonymous said...

the whole S.Korea must have had been so proud of Jungmin..and so are all SS501, TS, and Minnies around the world...he deserves a whole lot more of love and care.=)