Friday, November 25, 2011

[Article] Hyun Joong Held Successful Concerts in Eight Cities in Japan

Fans who joined Hyun Joong in his concert tours in Japan is almost already more than half the capacity of Tokyo Dome (55,000 seating capacity /42,000 actual seating capacity). I am certain that he can make it there soon. With this, congratulations to Hyun Joong once again for a very successful concert. World tour would be next.


[News] Kim Hyun Joong, successful Japanese Tour with 30,000 fans
Source: Sports Chosun via Nate
By Ceridwen / KPopFever

Kim Hyun Joong successfully wrapped up the Japanese Tour fan meetings.

Kim Hyun Joong met with 30,000 fans in Osaka, Sapporo, Sendai, Hiroshima, Yokohama, Nagoya, Tokyo, and Fukuoka during the 2 weeks starting November 9th.

Kim Hyun Joong gave the fans a fantastic stage with top of the line sessions and production teams, laser beams, and even a stage produced specifically for his performance. He mesmerized the fans with the kinds of charms that have not been seen during his promotional periods on music programs.

Kim Hyun Joong put on colorful performances with the hits off of his 1st and 2nd mini albums, including ‘Lucky Guy’, ‘Break Down’, and ‘Kiss Kiss’. But he also presented other songs that were loved by his fans, on stage for the first time and the response was no less heated than his comeback stage.

It is also said that through the talk time with the fans, Kim Hyun Joong openly discussed many things in an honest and friendly manner.

On November 23, the last day of the tour, the fans of Fukuoka continue to applaud and request encores. Even after the fan meeting was over, many fans could not leave the area full of emotions from the performance causing a bit of chaos in the area.

After releasing his 2nd mini album ‘Lucky’ back in October, Kim Hyun Joong has dominated the online music sales charts and mobile downloads, he has also the won the No.1 spot on KBS ‘Music Bank’ K-Chart on the week of his comeback.

Kim Hyun Joong also became the first solo singer from Korea to place 5th on Billboard’s World Album chart and No.1 on the Biggest Jump chart. He has recently been placed No.1 on Oricon weekly import album ranking as well.

Kim Hyun Joong has wrapped up the Japanese tour with the fan meeting in Fukuoka on the 23rd, his next destination is Singapore Indoor Stadium to attend the ’2011 MAMA’. Afterwards, Kim Hyun Joong will be attending the end of the year concerts of several networks and he is expected to have his hands full with selecting his next drama.


Anonymous said...

Great done.
Please take a rest and stay healthy.

Anonymous said...

Our prince hyun joong, you did a great job and gave fans so much joy and happiness. Pls take a full rest for Mama Awards. Pls remember your health is the most important for your fans.

Anonymous said...

good job, leader.
welcome home.

Anonymous said...

Just love,love,love Hyun Joong! What a successful tour he had. He conquered Japan. Well Done Leader!
Have a good rest. We will wait for you.

Anonymous said...

stay healthy !! love you

Anonymous said...

I think, liezle, HJL could definitely have a concert at Tokyo Dome cause if not mistaken there were more than 90 000 applications for his Japan concert tickets alone! So I see no problem for him selling-out the tickets again if he were to perform there. Of course, having such a huge venue is not so cosy as the ones that he had for the recent concerts in my humble opinion... The interactions were more personal, don't u think?

Anonymous said...

Agree with you.
But I think Hyun Joong needs more songs for a concert in Tokyo Dome.
It's suitable after his 3th album.
Let him prepare carefully for the concert.