Friday, December 02, 2011

[Notice from CNR] Jung Min's New Korean Official Website Re-Opening

Jung Min's Korean Official Board has just re-opened and there are quite a lot of good stuff in it. There are new vids, photos and teaser for Jung Min's official 2012 calendar.

Below is the on the re-opening of the website from as well as videos that I lifted from the YouTube channel of and some photos from the webby.

[Notice from CNR] Jung Min's New Korean Official Website Re-Opening
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Hello everyone?

CNR Media is happy to announce that PJM’s new Korean official web site has just opened. We apologize for the delay.

Also, PJM’s 2012 calendar is now available through the web site. As the calendar is PJM’s official calendar, you can check his latest and various photos from it.

Please keep that in mind that the sales will be started from 12/7 12pm and the delivery will be started from 12/16 sequentially.

Thank you for your patience and concern.
Have a good weekend!


Here are videos from pjoeym's YT Channel! Heaps of thanks!

And here are some photos from the website that I cropped.

Jung Min stare can make one melt.

Here is sample of the official 2012 calendar.

And other goodies from the site that can be purchased.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the update! totally drooling over the pics =D

sinthia said...

I loooooved all the pics!! yeah I totally agree with you Liezle, Jung Min' stare can make one melt.*.*