Thursday, December 01, 2011

Sweet Tweet Treats from Jung Min 12.01.11

I woke up this morning with a beautiful smile when I saw that Jung Min tweeted with photos attached.

Glad that finally he found time to tweet and somehow gave us an update. From his tweet it seem that he was in a photo shoot for his upcoming Taiwanese drama 'Fondant Garden'.

Below is the translation of the tweets courtesy of KaHye95 on Twitter and photos that Jung Min shared. Much thanks to KaHye95 for the translation.

[TRANS] Wa~!^^* I am very happy because the shooting ended early~~ KYAHHH! Shot a photo that i pretend to be kissed~!! Wahahaha! I gotta gargle~~~!! RT @JungMin0403: 와~!^^*촬영이 오래오래 안끝나고 너무 행복해요~~~꺄울! 조금있다 뽀뽀흉내만 내는 씬찍어요~!!움화하하! 양치해야지~~~!!

[TRANS] Required service~~^^* I ate candy cane~~!!^^* Since I worked hard till the end, so I took a photo~~~! RT @JungMin0403: 요건 서비스~~^^* 지팡이 사탕먹었어요~~!!^^* 마지막까지 힘내서 찍어야~~~지!

Today on Twitter and Facebook, the following photos of Jung Min have been circulating. It looks like that the casts of 'Fondant Garden' did promotion photo shoot for their drama which is said to be released early next year.

With this, I think that Jung Min will soon be going back to Seoul. ^^

Thanks to veggiedelight for providing the following pix.

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