Friday, December 02, 2011

[Vid] Hyung Jun on MNet's Moon Night 90's Preview

Preview of MNet's 'Moon Night 90's' was shown last night with Hyung Joon and Park Ji Young as guests on its next episode which will be shown on the 8th of Decembeer.

‘Moon Night 90s’ is documentary drama highlighting stories of various 90′s dance singers who were the roots that sprouted the Kpop wave. With 8 episodes in total, these popular dance singers held performances at a popular club in Itaewon named “Moon Night.” The popular idols of the current generation will transform into various 1st generation dance singers.

It would be very interesting to watch Hyung Jun on 'Moon Night 90's' next episode as I think he will be acting out JYP. ^^

Here's preview of the next episode courtesy of .

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Anonymous said...

lol i wonder if he will finally get a song from JYP - imo i think baby shud write his own songs tho - he is too talented to be buying songs from other pple