Sunday, April 03, 2011

04.02.11 S/Tweet Treats

Yesterday Kyu Jong was tweeting gifts he received from fans. I'm certain whoever those gift came from they were jumping with joy yesterday.

Here are tweets translation for yesterday courtesy again of xiaochu posted on Quainte501.

[Trans] 04.02.11 S/Tweet Treats
Koran to English translation by xiaochu @

Re-post with full credits.

2011-04-02 @ 3:11am
parkmaehee @2kjdream How's your body (health)?

2011-04-02 @ 12:44pm
2kjdream @skullhong Hongki-yah~~Have you done well for the filming?!!!!!^^ Hwaitingtingting!!!!!!!

2011-04-02 @ 12:45pm
2kjdream @Joker891219 Just do it will do, everything!!!!! heehee It's already April, time flies isn't it..!!?!

2011-04-02 @ 12:50pm
2kjdream @seanalexander23 awesome !! ur band song is nice vvvvvvvvvvvvvvverrrrrrryy nice ~~good good !!!

2011-04-02 @ 1:35pm
seanalexander23 @2kjdream thank you very much! smile.gif maybe one day @avenue52 will open a concert for you guys! That would be sooo much fun!

2011-04-02 @ 1:52pm
Joker891219 @2kjdream That's right hyung! It is no use if you're afraid and not even trying!! heehee Thank you. I got some confidence now kekekeke

2011-04-02 @ 6:47pm
2kjdream @Steven_Lee_ bro~~u r so busy !! miss u lol hyung!!!! I miss youuuu!!!!!

2011-04-02 @ 6:52pm
jewelry_jjung @2kjdream KyuJong-ah~~~ TT Must see you if I have the chance later keke

2011-04-02 @ 8:35pm
Steven_Lee_ @2kjdream KyuJong-ah let's meet let's meet!! I will call you~~~

2011-04-02 @ 10:02pm
2kjdream Who can this be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????!!!!!!!!

2011-04-02 @ 10:07pm
2kjdream ª®ªæªÔªÇª¹¡£!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha There are alot of comments that the drawing is more handsome!! I agree!!!!!!!!

2011-04-02 @ 10:16pm
2kjdream Loving changes and wondering is a proof that you are alive. -Wagner-
Have a nice Saturday!! Bbbyeeee~ I am going back again Byong!!!!!!^^

2011-04-02 @ 10:20pm
sek0505 @2kjdream Is there a problem??

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Anonymous said...

those pictures of kyujong look really cool!