Monday, April 11, 2011

04.11.11 S/Tweets of Kyu Jong

I'm positing these tweets translation of Kyu Jong since shirbo21 did the translation for me on Twitter. Much much thanks dear. ^^

It's already Spring in Korean and it seems that as the season begins Kyu Jong is missing the members as he tweeted 4 pictures of them together. ^^


04.11.11 S/Tweets of Kyu Jong
Korean to English translation by shirbo21 /

Re-post with full credits please.

2kjdream @ mastadoo awesome !!! Good Good !! hehehe so nice!!!!!!!

2kjdream It's spring~~!! Man seh (Hurrah)!!! Everyone let's laugh and cheer upppp ^^

2kjdream Year 2005!!! Time passes really fast..!! woowahh hehe


sliceofmylife said...

i think kyu is missing his bros...

amiratyra said...

kyujong must be really missing his brothers. :(

Anonymous said...

did kyu tweet those pics..he is so sweet..i really miss them now..i wish that they had their own variety show we cud watch them regularly like kattun does in japan..i hope they comeback next year
ss501 fighting!!
triple s fighting!

Anonymous said...

that was sweet of him.... i dont blame the man for missing his bros... i mean for years they were inseperable and then wham.... space out -- if we miss the whole group how much more for them..... cant help but look forward to their group comeback