Friday, April 15, 2011

[Article] 5th Annual Peace Star Celebrity Soccer Tournament at Suwon World Cup Stadium

Loads of thanks to Ode for translating this news on her blog. Now we have an idea who won and how Hyun Joong played.

Ahh tough luck on Hyun Joong but I'm pretty sure he did his very best. There will always be next time Hyun Joong.

Btw, sorry can't credit which portal Ode took this news as it's not stated on her blog.

[Trans] 5th Annual Celebrity Soccer Tournament at Suwon World Cup Stadium
April 15, 2011
Korean to English translation by Ode /

Re-post with full credits please.

Today, the 5th Peace Star Cup was held in Seoul's Suwon World Cup Stadium. It consists of many singers, gagmen, actors and talents who participated in today's big event.

FC Men had a great headstart with Junsu scoring his well-deserved goal, and Kim Hyun Joong scoring his undeserved goals (offside goals with no score earned/blocked out by defender). He was so happy about his goal though, and also could not hide his sadness when his goal was deemed 'offside' (he even protested haha)

FC Men was praised to be a team with burning passion and adept football skills. And HJ earned much praises as well for his soccer skills too. In the end, FC Men won against FC Superstars at 1:0. They are very delighted and ecstatic about it. Junsu had the biggest credit, so an MVP award was awarded to him.


No Hyun Joong here as it was said that he left after the game probably for another appointment.

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