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[Article] Ambitious Hyung Jun

Loads of thank you once again to xiaochu for the translation of this article and sharing on Quainte501.

As the saying goes, within our dreams and aspirations we find our opportunities. And I believe that is what Hyung Jun is doing. And in every opportunity, he makes sure that he gives his best and be recognized of the hard work.

[News] Kim HyungJun “Greedy Magnae is 'Ambitious-dol'"

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He said he has the feeling of happiness which he didn’t feel even at the height of his popularity. Group SS501’s member Kim HyungJun took his first step in becoming a solo singer and felt the excitement of having a new start as well as gained confidence of being able to do everything at the same time.

Kim HyungJun, who was being loved by his elder brothers in SS501, broke off the image as a magnae and became ‘Standing alone’. He started his solo activities and said “I have the confidence to stand tall”. It was 1 year after SS501’s last activities when Kim HyungJun stood on the stage again as a singer. Through his solo mini album ‘My Girl’ released on 8-Mar, he stretched out his ‘flying’ wings.

“Things that used to be done with 5 members are done on my own now, so I felt the sense of emptiness and felt scared. I couldn’t sleep at night at the thought of how should I go about to get recognition, even the words ‘Will I be able to do well?’ becomes a burden that pressed on my shoulders. I know I am not able to give 100% satisfaction to the many people who are watching over me, but I am working hard to reduce, even if it’s just a little, the opinions of ‘Magnae, baby, cannot be alone’.

The reason for the confidence in Kim HyungJun starts from SS501 days where he was doing his solo activities as radio DJ and others.

“Due to the nature of radio DJ job, I am alone most of the time. I also gained a lot. Choi BaekHo sunbaenim whose program was right before mine, said he also had the experience of failure, and gave me an advice to ‘go slowly’. If you advance step by step, there is nothing impossible to do but if you go in haste, you will fall off very easily. So it reduces my stress, and my thoughts that I am alone also slowly vanished.”

Kim HyungJun is into his 2nd year of radio DJ this year. It is a program at 2am. Generally programs at this hour are hosted by female announcers with soft voices. However Kim HyungJun defies the stereotype and attracts fans with his playfulness like his usual self.

“I do live broadcast about twice per week. Even though it was a little tiring but because I have gotten used to it, I became a dawn (night) person. Though I am a 25-years-old sleepy head, I feel strong at the response that I am ‘Being an energizer at dawn’.”

Kim HyungJun has an all-rounded activities from radio DJ to solo activities and musical plays. Even the image that he wants is to be a ‘Renaissance Entertainer’ engaged in activities without boundaries. In fact, Kim HyungJun recently started a character business with his brother Ki Bum, previously in U-Kiss.

“Because I am interested in gaming, I am also the team leader of a 7-member game team. I also have the ambition to go into acting, so I want to stand in front of fans as an actor soon. People around me see me as ‘Ambitious-dol’. To be living up to the name of ‘Ambitious-dol’, I will do it taking my own time and enjoy myself. Because I’m taking the baby steps now, please look forward to Kim HyungJun who will be standing out among the rest in various fields.”


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to look after yourself Hyung Jun ^^ Im glad there's someone who gave him a good advice, im sure one day he will get a bonsang award because of his hard work and strong mentality, to me..seems like Hyung Jun is the main character in Kpop industry hahaha...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Hyung Jun has sunbaes around giving him great advice. Step by step is the best way to go in order to achieve his dreams. With each step he'll be recognized just a little bit more and collect a few more fans and before he knows it, he'll be known as a top star. And when that day comes I'll be happy to say that I knew he was an amazing talent from the beginning. :)

sinthia said...

I was always sure that baby had enough talent, hard work and responsibility to shine as solo. It's just a matter of time until its recognition happen. He is a fabulous artist and being recognized as such will happen naturally, he doesn't need be so harsh with himself to prove it.