Monday, April 04, 2011

[Article] Hyung Jun graces Jung Min's Birthday Celebration with Fans

Surely, Hyung Jun and Jung Min are the closest amongst SS501 members. How many times have these two been in each others special events. Countless already, right? And whenever these two get together it certainly is a riot and precious moments for us fans.

Here's an article about the Jung Min's birthday party with fans from the article on AKP.

Kim Hyung Jun visits Park Jung Min’s birthday celebration

courtesy of heartfacee / AllKPop

SS501 members Kim Hyung Jun and Park Jung Min proved their strong bond on April 3rd.

Park Jung Min got together with his fans at the Konkuk University for the first time in seven years (since his debut) to celebrate his birthday with them. Kim Hyung Jun surprised Park Jung Min by visiting him and wishing him a “happy birthday”.

Park Jung Min took selcas with fans, wrote his name with his butt, and did many more silly things during the event to entertain his best fans. He also touched their hearts by reading a handwritten letter he previously wrote. The party came to an end with a music video that aired a montage of memories.

He will be releasing a mini album titled, “The Park Jung Min“, on the 7th, along with his photobook. Afterwards, he is diving into filming a Taiwanese drama.


Anonymous said...

definitely good friends.
thank you for all the sharing liezle.
keep up the good work.

sinthia said...

I'm so late on news again!! I have been so busy lately, that I could not see the last news, omg I have so much to read and see, I think I won't get all I have to. I'm always happy to read this kind of article! They are really the cutest!! They never fail in bring me a smile to my face when I see them like that. ^^

Anonymous said...

fans who attended said they had so much fun. the excitement lasted even after the party ended and many had a hard time falling asleep that night. JM sure know how to make things fun for his fans........i wish i was there too.

Anonymous said...

As a Hyung Jun fan, I've always loved his friendship with Jung Min. As his fans we've learned about several people in his life that he's especially close with but most of these relationships seem to be with people who are older to him. These relationships always have Hyung Jun being in the position of having to take a step back due to his age. His friendship with Jung Min is different from these. It's the one relationship of his that we know of where its truly equal. These two are same age friends who are both outgoing, playful and open with their affections. I love the way they just click and go into their own little world whenever they are together. As a fan it's an amazing friendship to see.