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[Article] Park Jung Min : A Noticeable Remarkable Talent

Much thanks to Slam for providing the translation from Japan PIA Magazine and sharing on her blog.

This interview is kind of different from the other interviews he had. This interview gives us a more mature Jung Min. Go and check yourself his answers to the interview.


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A Noticeable Remarkable Talent

From now on you will see him on off on Japan's TV where he and other korean artistes acting together in a drama or a movie. He make use of every little talent that he has, putting the roles into his life. With this we intro to you his overall charisma!

Comparing to Tohoshinki, swept across Asia's SS501 held their concerts in Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Taipei, Hong Kong and each time it attract thousands of people attending. One of the member Park Jung Min is the 1st to start his solo activities. Korean, Japanese and Chinese language which he is good in is currently having his active activities over in Korea, Japan and Taiwan. His strength of Japanese has given him a chance to be the MC of a joint Korean Japanese large scale performance. "No one is without a goal, because of its own way to find their own path." Jungmin who said these words is the model of the young idols now. Now with this kind of mentality of character is hard to find.

"I am still not in a position to give (the hoobaes) any advices or suggestions, but I must be responsible for my actions, this cannot be forgotten. Because when you are in other countries, when other look at you, it will reflect on you, your actions as they will take it that you are representing the image of koreans. Thus, when I go to a foreign country, I will try to understand the country's culture, taking the effort to integrate myself into that country."

When being asked questions on being a diversified idol, he answered, "During and after the understanding of 'Want to do' and 'Can Do', I feel that those things that I can do I will do it."

"What are the difference in the activities in Korea and other countries? This question is hard to answer. (Korea and other countries) are countries that are very easy to get used to, feel that the world is in universal harmony (smile). Although there bound to be stress in work, but as long as you feel that you are happy in whatever you do, then it will be alright." the reason that he said this was due to that he wanna to be a no national boundaries kinda of star who can show off his abilties to everyone.


I will end this post with a video interview from Japanese program POP POP SEOUL which was shown 5th of April 2011. Thanks to for uploadin in YT and to iamsom for the tip on Twitter.

Jung Min is handsome even without make up. I am envious of his skin.

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Anonymous said...

i think JM is a good role model. it's important to always think about and take responsibility for one's actions and to work hard to represent the country well while appreciating other cultures, too. plus, he's hardworking and so friendly to everyone, staff, colleagues, and fans.
JM definitely has a lot of talent and universal charisma. ^^
thanks for sharing, cllslam10 & liezle!