Friday, April 01, 2011

Jung Min @ Bean Pole Denim Jean 9 Launching 04.01.11

Jung Min attended the launching of the latest denim by Bean Pole at Yeongdeungpo Times Square in Seoul at 7PM.

Here are media photos which I lifted from Naver while searching.


and here's a short fancam. thanks to marvie for sharing.


Bee said...

This babo look reminds me of those 'Coward' days.. I miss SS501 & I missed you, too~ liezle!!
mm now I want my full front fringe back!! lol

liezle said...

Bee! Bee! Bee! Hey there and I miss you too. Will miss you more when I go to HK again some time this month. Remember when we met in HK?

Hope all is well with you.


Anonymous said...

oh, JM looks so tall! and he's just wearing tennis shoes, not even boots. he looks so charming in plain casual clothes, too. ^^
thx for sharing!