Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[Pix & Gifs] Kyu Jong Playing Baseball

Who would have thought that Kyu Jong is also playing baseball? He must have been influenced by Young Saeng.

According to Lois' blog where I got these images from, these images where taken last Marcy 7. Kyu Jong played baseball not with a celebrity team but with an amateur baseball team. More than a month ago already and we only learned about this now ^^ Huh?

Anyway, thanks to 안녕, 왕자님 for sharing these images on wangjanim.com which originally came from GF Gideons. Of course thanks much to Lois.


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Is it a hit or a foul ball?

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Nice long legs. ^^

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Hmm, now I know why Kyu Jong knows how to throw a ball when I saw him playing catch ball with Young Saeng in the 'Summer and Love' DVD. He's been practicing all along. ^^

More photos below which I got from wangjamin.com. Thanks to TingTingLoveKyu for the link!

Enlarge them to see him clearly. ^^ He's so cute. Love the straight hair.


Anonymous said...

Love it!!!!he looks really really tall...no wonder he's a good catcher when i saw him playing with youngsaengie in the video of summer & love.

I really amazed with our boys they give us a surprised everytime. maybe this is a part of their plans when they decide to have a solo. I think they talked about it to show their new image for their Triple S pretties.

Remember the 1st who show his sportsmanship is Leader then follows by Youngsaeng with his baseball talent then follows by maknae Hyung Jun for his pro-gamer skills and now Kyujong is playing baseball, maybe through the influence of his Youngsaeng hyung. Let us wait for Jungminnie, what kind of sports/suprise he will give it to us...

Thank u liezle for updating of our boys activities. really love ur blog...

Anonymous said...

Kyujong u also playing baseball? like it!!! you look very handsome wearing a baseball uniform like your hyung..hehehehe....nice beautiful long legs.

I think in the last picture the one beside kyujong is one of their previous manager.

Anonymous said...

Influence by Young saeng? Hahaha so true.., him and YS are too close to each other even they wanted to be in the same agency.. I agree KJ has nice legs, he's like a model hahha

Anonymous said...

OMO very cute! Kyu Jong's legs are long. I never noticed :o

Anonymous said...

Not sure if its correct, but their previous manager at dsp is also in the photo right?

Anonymous said...

LOL! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the title! I thought you typed it wrong because all I knew up to now that the word baseball = YoungSaeng. Haha, never knew Kyu was into baseball too! It's great to see Kyu to play sports too ^^

Anonymous said...

what a sorprise! if i remember correctly kyu loved to play basketball, bowling and boxing......and now baseball....plus playing starcraft :)

Anonymous said...

@anon 10.45
one of TS told me that that SS501 manager is working for B2M now :D
i also saw him with Young Saeng in a movie premiere b4 :D:D