Thursday, April 07, 2011

[Pix & Vid] Hyung Jun @ SBS PowerFM CultShow by Prettyboy

Today our very busy Kim Hyung Jun was at SBS PowerFM CultShow to promote his album 'My Girl'. Prettyboy was at the station and took video and photos of him which is already posted on their website. Much much thanks to their shutterbug.

Though looking tired (look at his eyebags... he reminds me of Garfield, they're so big and dark T_T) Hyung Jun still look dashing today. I like his hair up and I always like him wearing long sleeves shirt.

Btw, do check the video below as he sang 'Because I'm Stupid' live in the show.


white said...

so handsome in just a greyish shirt *0*!
Hyungjoon fighting!!!!
TS always here for you ^ ^~~ ♡

sinthia said...

He's really a pretty boy! He looks really handsome in this style! I love it so much. ^^
After he did the musical he became even more expressive. His facial expressions are so funny lately.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful man...!! <3333

Anonymous said...

Agree with everything Sinthia said. :)

Anonymous said...

woah really handsome in that outfit..still think that he shud put on a tiny bit of weight..he wud look more healthy with a slightly chubby face :)
thanks for sharing..i think i am going to think bout him all do that all the time anyway