Wednesday, April 06, 2011

[Pix & Vids] Hyung Jun @ Star Life Theater Stalker Surprise Party from Prettyboy

When I saw my timeline earlier that Hyung Jun attended some event I was actually curious about it because we didn't know anything about it. Then after seeing the post in Prettyboy, now I know why we are clueless. It is because it's a surprise party for him.

From the photos below it looks like that Hyung Jun cried at the surprise party given by Star Life Theater Stalker on the 6th of April.

Much thanks to the shutterbug of Prettyboy for the fast upload on their website. I have also posted below the videos but it's buffering big time again . In the first video he really was surprised to see fans cheering for him when he entered and it's obvious that he is getting emotional.

Alright, here's a bit of info that I got from the tweet of reena29shadow. KBS apparently sms 1oo fans to inform them about the surprise party. Those who got sms were told not to post online or let Hyung Jun knows about it. On the other hand, Hyung Jun was told that he's supposed to have an interview. Thus, the surprise party. Bravo!

Also, according to reena29shadow (second video) , a fan read a letter in their behalf, praising, encouraging appreciating and thanking him. In return, Hyung Jun also did the same.

Anyway, that's just a brief summary. Let's hope that by tomorrow we can read the translation or see subbed vids.

If you can't watch the videos above, you may click HERE and HERE.


Anonymous said...

Does the Star Life Theater is a special show only for Hyung Jun..? Is it like a show about his life? Though I'm happy to know more about him...

Anonymous said...

This is so sweet. I love the way the fans and now the PDs for this show do these things for him. One of the things that makes SS501 my favorite group is the way they treat their fans like friends. They truly have a great relationship with their fans.

Anonymous said...

aww so sweet and touching! can't wait to see more. thanks for sharing!
and i agree, SS501 always treat their fans like friends. there's a special bond built over the past 6 years. <3

Anonymous said...

Kim Hyung Jun indeed worked very hard. I'm happy KBS was able to do this for him, as they saw his true sincerity during his promotion. I'm Baby biased, so I definitely was in tears while reading this post. Thanks to those for posting.