Thursday, April 14, 2011

[Vids] Wuss Up & Like Tears are Falling Cuts from MuHigh 04.14.11

Much thanks to for uploading this cut from Music High from today's live webcast. Here's Kyu Jong's 'Wuss Up'! ^_^

Below vid is courtesy of . This is portion of 'Like Tears are Falling'. Thanks to tetsu_girl for the tip.

That was so fun, right?

Alright, I cannot let this post end with saying again how much I like Kyu Jong's fringe. It looks so healthy.

Likewise, Jung Min and Hyung Jun, these two they really look so adorable doing stuff with one another.


Anonymous said...

SS501, seriously has the best brotherhood out of all the groups I've seen. These short clips show how much they enjoy each other's company. If I'm this happy just seeing three members together on a radio show, I can't imagine how much happier I'll be when they make their comeback in the future. :)

sinthia said...

I still can't believe I lost listen to this live because my bad internet, it was off-line just after the begin of program. =/ And I'm sure it was really fun...btw, I'm glad someone uploaded in YT. =)
I'll watch right now! Thanks for sharing!
ps:they look so cute with the ear's bunny ^^

Anonymous said...

It feels so good to have these 3 together. i really hope they will continue to support one another. I really hope to see Leader supporting each of his Dongsaeng too in their solo work. It's always enjoyable to all five of them joking and making fun of one another. Let's continue to trust in SS501 that they will forever be 'five as one'....

Anonymous said...

they r so much fun to watch..this i why i love them nd i want to support them forever ..i missed the live too but i watched t anyway cus a really kind person posted it!
really like the fact that jungmin bought the bunny ears..they all looked so adorable with them on!

Anonymous said...

so happy to see they are really close! ss501 forever!