Saturday, April 02, 2011

[Vids] Kim Hyung Jun's Music High 04.01.11

I failed to watch Music High on webcast the other day but thanks to for uploading on YT I am now able to watch the full webcast on 4 parts.

In this broadcast Hyung Jun sang 'Tell You ... I Love You'. There is a cut of that porting from HJfan2 YT channel and you can find it from below.

I am liking Hyung Jun's hairstyle. It's the same hairstyle he had in

Cut from the show where he sang 'Tell You... I Love YOu'

And here's screencaps from iamsom...


Anonymous said...

I love this hairstyle also. He seems to look slightly older too when his hair is away from his face which I like.

You might also want to post the second ep. of Vivid Star life of Hyung Jun's. The youtube channel babyjunnie501 has the video

Anonymous said...

anon 2:05PM

I agree, Hyung Jun does look like an older man if his bangs is pulling away from his forehead!

Does the Vivid Star Life of Hyung Jun out already???

thanks for telling us..!!

Anonymous said...

he really looks so handsome these days

Anonymous said...

i like it to..but it's make him look more mature..miss the old hyung jun..huk3