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[Article] Kim Hyun Joong Breaks Down in Tears

I am shoving here article from GONI posted on AKP. Actually I have also posted last night almost same article from different source HERE.

Our 4D prince was being a bit nostalgic too last night. Well, every member felt the pressure of going solo. Us and them got worried too. But right now, as it seems, everything is going at the right place.

Believing and trusting are the keys. Lack of understanding will lead one astray.


[News] Kim Hyun Joong breaks down in tears while reading his letter, “I’ve only been able to watch fans fight”
Source : TVReport
Courtesy of GONI / AllKPop

Kim Hyun Joong has returned as a solo artist and gave a word of thanks to his fans with tears pouring from his eyes.

On June 7th, after his mini-album “Break Down” release showcase was over, he read a letter that he wrote from his heart to his fans.

He pulled out a letter and stated, “I’ve always been able to show my outer-self on stage, but I’ve never been able to show my heart to them. But I’ve finally gained enough courage to write this letter to share my feelings with my fans”.

Kim Hyun Joong read, “It’s already been 6 years since I’ve met every one. I thank you for believing in me and cheering for me all this time and never changing,” and he confessed, “I started looking back while I was working on the album. I realized how important the meaning of ‘together’ is”.

He continued, “I started feeling pressure and fear as I was trying to do this alone. It was hard to defeat this… I looked back over the past year, fans fighting and misunderstandings, only being able to watch over the situation made me think to myself, ‘I guess I have limits, too,” as his eyes started tearing.

He ended by saying, “I worked hard on the album by imagining how happy the fans would be looking at it. I hope that you will all be smiling and be even happier in the future” and added, “This album is not mine, but belongs to everyone. I’m very thankful to everyone that showed up here, and I want to tell everyone with my heart that I love you”.

Earlier on this day, Kim Hyun Joong performed his first solo title song “Break Down” at a showcase in front of 4,000 people.

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