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[Article] The Birth of Kim HyunJoong's Jaksal Chicken Business on MBC Everyone

Thanks to Stephanie for doing the translation of this on her blog.

For those in Korea, Jaksal is maybe just an ordinary restaurant for them but for fans of Hyun Joong, Jaksal is not only a restaurant but also has become a famous tourist attraction. With the additional of the other outlets business must really be doing good.


[News] Kim HyunJoong, The Story Behind Jaksal Chicken 'If one of us succeeds, all of us together..'
Source: Nate
English translation: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/
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In the upcoming broadcast of MBC Everyone 'Weekly Idol' on 5th of November, they will be discussing about 'The Birth of Kim HyunJoong's Jaksal Chicken Business'.

In this episode ''Idols' Life Investigation - Kim HyunJoong's Quiz'' corner , there will be a personal interview with Kim HyunJoong's friends who are running the Jaksal Chicken business in Seokcheon outlet.

According to one of Kim HyunJoong's friend since childhood and also business partner, Choi Minsu, revealed the reason why Kim HyunJoong had opened up Jaksal Chicken, 'HyunJoong loves fried chicken a lot. We've made a promise that if either of us have succeeded in the future, we will open up a friend chicken restaurant together'.

Finally, Kim HyunJoong have risen to a Asia Hanryu Star stardom as a singer and actor, and thus accomplishing the promise he have made between him and his friends.

In addition, we will also be revealing how frequently Kim HyunJoong pays a visit to the shop along with his favourite dish in the menu and etc.

To know more about the in-depth details of Kim HyunJoong's Jaksal Chicken's story, don't miss out MBC Everyone 'Weekly Idol' this week on 5th of November at 2pm KST.

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It's one reason why I love Hyun Joong so much.
Support him forever.