Tuesday, November 01, 2011

[Article] Jung Min Talks About Upcoming Drama

Many news came yesterday when the presscon for 'Sugarcake Garden' happened and finally we get to read on English translation. Loads of thanks to rainaftershine for doing this and sharing on her blog.

Now more or less we have an idea about the drama. What I am curious about now is when the filming will be over since there will be re-shooting. I hope that Jung Min will have enough rest for the upcoming holiday season.

[News] Park Jung Min “Starring in a tailor-made TV series is a pleasant experience”
Source: Star News
Chinese translation: 피오나 @ PJM IFC (park-jung-min.com)
English translation: ss501chapter.wordpress.com
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Group SS501 Park Jung Min advanced into the Greater China with his acting through a tailor-made TV drama.

Park Jung Min attended Taiwan drama ‘Sugarcake Garden’ press conference at Incheon Songdo Convensia on the 31st at 1pm. He also talks about his recent happenings, activities as an actor and his feeling.

Park Jung Min said “Although this is an overseas drama, it wasn’t as difficult as I imagined. Compared to language barrier, I felt the fun from filming.’ and ‘This role conforms with me so I am happy while filming.’

Taiwan drama ‘Sugarcake Garden’ which Park Jung Min is starring in will not only be broadcast in Taiwan, it will also be broadcast in Hong Jong, Macau, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and other Asian countries which broadcast Taiwan dramas. In particular, Park Jung Min’s cheerful personality adds colour to the drama story and made him as the center to attract attention.

At this time, Park Jung Min’s response revealed his wittiness “When I heard that this drama is specially made for me and wants me to improve my Chinese step by step, I start to feel nervous.”, “So I thought while smiling “This shouldn’t be a TV drama specially made for me right?”" His wittiness turned the atmosphere happy.

The Greater China’s largest production company ‘Comic Ritz’ collaborate with Park Jung Min’s agency CNR Media, investing lots of local best director and screenwriter. Producer Angie Chai who is known as the ‘Mother of Taiwan Drama’ have produced dramas like ‘Corner with Love’, ‘Hi My Sweetheart’, etc with high TV ratings which makes one anticipating with high expectation in this drama.

In the drama, Park Jung Min will be acting as a well-known consortium/company heir Park Hee Hwan (朴希焕) and also using story like a chaebol yearning for freedom and fall in love as the background for the drama. Park Jung Min will also act with Taiwanese Actress Jian Man Shu. In addition, the pairing of Jungmin and a popular Taiwanese Actor who acts as his half-brother in the drama garners attention.

Therefore, Park Jung Min can show his special lively sense through this drama, advancing into The Greater China. From his first solo album last year, he who also plans to star in TV drama and album activities will be having lots of activities for his fans that have high expectation on him.

At the same time, drama ‘Sugarcake Garden’ whom Park Jung Min is starring in will be widely broadcast in Taiwan via terrestrial broadcast CTS.


Here is a new set of photos of Jung Min from btn where he had an exclusive interview that can be seen HERE. Hope translation will be up soon too.


tetsu_girl said...

thanks very much for translating, PJMIFC & rainaftershine! and thanks for all the updates, liezle!

i'm a bit concerned after reading the news that they'd be re-shooting everything with a new lead actress, but since the presscon didn't say the air date was delayed, i'm staying optimistic. at least JM's Chinese will be even better than when he started a few months ago. here's hoping everything runs smoothly from now on.

sinthia said...

I don't know why people is saying he looks tired. To me he's looking great!!
He seems more restful than some weeks ago. And I'm really happy seeing him like this.^^
Thanks for posting!