Saturday, November 05, 2011

Barrage of Kyu Jong Pix from Busan Fan Signing by Rosemary

There wasn't much photos or videos that I posted when Kyu Jong had a fan signing in Busan on the 31st of October though there were vids of him taken when he took KTX going back to Seoul.

Today, an influx of nicely taken photos by Rosemary were posted on Baidu and I am shoving them here. Here are the 36 photos, 26 of which I posted using thumbnail, of Kyu Jong looking so mightily handsome.

Click to enlarge because they are better seen in big image ^_^

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etet said...

Oh dear..... Here comes another session of 'clicking' and 'clicking'.... Finger cramps.... A small price to pay for 'saving' such a handsome face!!!!!

Yup love him in 'black'....... *HUGE sigh*

What is this, week 4 of Kyu Withdrawal??? It's never ending!!!!!