Sunday, November 06, 2011

[FanCam] Hyun Joong @ KBS 11.04.11

Here is a fan cam from which I am shoving here from the post of 아이러브현 on It's a capture of Hyun Joong at the parking lot of KBS last November 4 when he appeared as one of the guest performers in Music Bank. In the video you will see Hyun Joong arriving at KBS, leaving the building to probably take a break in a nearby restaurant, then returning to KBS building.

This fancam in posted on Daum. You just have to be a little patience for the vid to upload. Haven't seen this vid anywhere yet as I remember that prohibits their fancams to be uploaded in any streaming sites including YT though I still see some from time to time.

Oh, if the vid below will not upload use this link in your smartphone where watching from Daum or Naver is much easier >$


Anonymous said...

Want to see major good looks? Watch this! He doesn't have to do anything. Easy, like a stroll in the park!

Anonymous said...

A little walk about is all it takes, ya. How much better can he look?! Hyun Joong you steal hearts. Are you a collector of hearts? Bet you have got millions.