Sunday, November 06, 2011

[FanCams] Young Saeng @ Tokyo Fan Meeting 11.04.11 by Madeleine

Young Saeng's fan clubs have been sharing fancams of Young Saeng from the Tokyo fan meeting and we still have to see that of Kyu Jong. While we wait again, I am sharing with you now, Madeleine's fancams shared on the YouTube of , who I has been designated and given authority by Madeleine to share their video's on YouTube.

Though vids shared are not the complete performance for each song, the vid is still worth watching because Madeleine's video are always in high quality.

Let It Go

Sad Song

Out The Club (hee, whenever Young Saeng grinds his hips fans go crazy)

Rainy Heart (2 versions) ^_^

Birth celebration cut..

A very short acting from the musical 'Three Musketeers'

A cut from the interview...

When giving out the hat to the fan... He is soooo funny and cute!

The following videos is from a different event.

Let It Go

Rainy Heart

Out The Club

Sad Song


kelly said...

Lots of thanks to Madeleine for the wonderful videos.

Oh liezle, finally caught the video of Kyu's rap for rainy heart from Wangjamin. Hope to see Kyu's videos for his own songs soon. And thanks for the series of blogging.

Getting more excited seeing more videos uploaded.

Our wonderful princes :)

Anonymous said...

Guys, I don't know how you can handle this.... Saengie is just too hot!!!! I have to stop and calm down my heart beat before I can wath all the vid as otherwise I would faint (very thankful to Madeleine and Liezle for these life-risking vid)! Oh my gosh the heavenly singing, handsome look, smiling, sexy moves, witty and smiling... I'm totally crazy for him now^^

danz said...

Young Saeng is too sexy!!!! oh my..what should i do? TvT thanks for the videos!!! good job to you guys! i love you! ♥