Tuesday, November 01, 2011

S/Tweet Treats 10.24 to 10.30.11

Finally I am done! So much tweets from Young Saeng, Kyu Jong and Hyung Jun as well as from their colleagues much to our delight for the last week of October.

Heaps of thanks of course to xiaochu for consolidating and doing the translation tirelessly and sharing on Quainte501.


[Trans] S/Tweet Treats 10.30.11
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Re-post with full credit please.

2011-10-30 @ 1:30 PM
Brianjoomuzik Had fun last night chillin w/ @missA_min @Kevinwoo91 @alexander_0729 @2AMkwon @HyungJun87 & @ginachoi87 for Halloween~ Let's hang more guys~

2011-10-30 @ 1:37 AM
Brianjoomuzik @HyungJun87 Sorry that I didn't go yesterday~ I was really tired and exhausted yesterday that I just went home... Let's meet next time... Let's always keep in contact... Let's play like we used to keke with @2AMkwon and everyone else~ @2AMkwon이랑 다같이~

2011-10-30 @ 9:14 AM
Crazy_go 2nd winner of KyuJong & YoungSaeng's season greeting RT Event is! @501honey! Congratulations! Please send us your name/contact/address via DM^^ We will send you a self-polaroid of KyuJong which he has taken by himself! twitpic.com/77vjq0

2011-10-30 @ 5:56 PM
ljhmj85 YoungSaeng who is having a personal lesson from the God of Acting, JunSang hyung kekeke http://t.co/wdVJnOX6

2011-10-30 @ 6:06 PM
leejeehoon79 @ljhmj85 Can't see YoungSaeng's expression ke

11-10-30 @ 6:09 PM
ljhmj85 @leejeehoon79 kekeke I will capture a more detailed one kekekeke

2011-10-30 @ 7:49 PM
musicalactorKSH Our kind new magnae d'Artagnans...
YoungSaeng and WonBin...
During the cheorograph spacing, they were practising, and checking, and straightening out...
Good guys...ke twitpic.com/785k9u

2011-10-30 @ 11:19 PM
musical717 @mystyle1103 YoungSaeng-ah~~You've worked hard for today's rehearsal*^^* And~the autographed CD~~My dongsaeng really likes it!! Not like what Bin said~ He's really a fan of yours!! (My dongsaeng is a guy keke He likes you because you sing well~) Thanks*^^* Also thank you to your fans who gave the CD gift~


[Trans] S/Tweet Treats 10.29.11
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

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2011-10-29 @ 12:27 AM
skullhong 2nd round is also the same ranking

2011-10-29 @ 12:51 AM
skullhong 3rd round, even though it is a practice game 1.KyuJong 2. HongKi 3.4Jaejin,JunHyung same score

2011-10-29 @ 12:59 AM
Joker891219 Frankly speaking, I guess HongKi will be offended if he was to lose his bet. Because of this, well you know? Beauty

2011-10-29 @ 1:04 AM
Joker891219 Really, JaeJin, KyuJong hyung and I respect HongKi"@saico011: I was learning how to spin, I mean it ~_~ Everyone, I am usually good at it

2011-10-29 @ 1:46 AM
2kjdream @Joker891219 So you mean.. we played too softly ?! ..!!!!!! hahaha!! Let's not play so softly next time heehee

2011-10-29 @ 1:48 PM
skullhong @2kjdream @Joker891219 keke I love you^^~

2011-10-29 @ 11:24 AM
2kjdream @WarrenBONBOO Wow!! Hyung !! Slam dunk man~~^^ heehee I miss you!!! Yeaa~~!!
2011-10-29 @ 11:30 AM
WarrenBONBOO @2kjdream keke I'm not good in the local scene... let's run together heehee You've been very busy isn't it? Hwaiting!!!

2011-10-29 @ 3:22 PM
mystyle1103 @2kjdream @skullhong Count me in too!!!

2011-10-29 @ 2:43 PM
HyungJun87 My brother Allen's Calendar Fan Sign Event is held in Japan~ Hwaiting today too. Be Daebak!

2011-10-29 @ 2:51 PM
skullhong @mystyle1103 @2kjdream kekeke But you're too busy TT TT

2011-10-29 @ 3:57 PM
2kjdream @mystyle1103 You want to be the inspector?! !! ~~ heehee Hyung, you're busy with your musical~~!! I want to watch your performance soon heehee

2011-10-29 @ 5:38 PM
jjjjjin2yo @2kjdream Let's go together soon kekeke

2011-10-29 @ 6:13 PM
mystyle1103 The flood damages in Thailand is serious TT TT I pray that there will not be further damages.. Cheer up!!!!!!!!!!

2011-10-29 @ 7:54 PM
skullhong When I ate seolleongtang yesterday!!! twitpic.com/77igjx

2011-10-29 @ 10:04 PM
2kjdream @skullhong heehee Seolleongtang is delicious~~!!!!

2011-10-29 @ 10:11 PM
HyungJun87 Mind control

2011-10-29 @ 11:42 PM
skullhong @2kjdream keke Come quickly TT TT TT


[Trans] S/Tweet Treats 10.28.11
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

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2011-10-28 @ 8:19 AM
2kjdream Friday Good morning !! ThanKYU !! Pretties~~^^ Let's smile and run today too!!~~yfrog.com/esxr5uj

2011-10-28 @ 3:09 PM
mystyle1103 Today is a rest day!!!keke And fans sent dinner yesterday!!keke I'm saying this late~ I've ate them well!!ke Thank you~~^^

2011-10-28 @ 3:13 PM
chosunchang @mystyle1103 Have a good rest heehee I'm practising !!

2011-10-28 @ 3:22 PM
mystyle1103 I took proof pics this time round keke yfrog.com/kkxledzj yfrog.com/nvxlter

2011-10-28 @ 3:22 PM
mystyle1103 @chosunchang gasps~~ It must have been tiring~ TT TT

2011-10-28 @ 3:44 PM
wndks1116 @mystyle1103 Hyung, are you at home?????????????????????????

2011-10-28 @ 3:44 PM
portos724 @mystyle1103 It was really delicious heehee I ate them well!!!

2011-10-28 @ 3:45 PM
portos724 @mystyle1103 @chosunchang What the, King's order!! YoungSaeng! You have the cheek to day this to people who are practising other things!!!

2011-10-28 @ 3:55 PM
chosunchang @portos724 @mystyle1103 Hyung, I miss you heehee

2011-10-28 @ 4:01 PM
ljhmj85 @mystyle1103 kekekeke Doing hair on a rest day TT TT damn kekeke

2011-10-28 @ 4:02 PM
portos724 @chosunchang @mystyle1103 Please get lost~~~~ King!!! keke

2011-10-28 @ 4:06 PM
Soie2e @mystyle1103 I will be going to watch the musical!!I will support you!!kekeke

2011-10-28 @ 6:12 PM
portos724 @mystyle1103 What are you doing??

2011-10-28 @ 7:44 PM
Brianjoomuzik @HyungJun87 Do well in your excercise and let's meet soon~ Nice seeing you after a long time^^

2011-10-28 @ 7:57 PM
HyungJun87 @Brianjoomuzik Hyung, your body is still good as ever^^ See you on weekend

2011-10-28 @ 7:59 PM
Brianjoomuzik @HyungJun87 Give me a call if you have nothing on tomorrow night...

2011-10-28 @ 8:29 PM
dummysama HyunJoong looks... warm.. I want that fur coat~ write on paper, go on!

2011-10-28 @ 9:14 PM
mystyle1103 @portos724 I'm at home!!keke

2011-10-28 @ 9:14 PM
mystyley1103 @Soie2e Come and watch!!!!kekeke

2011-10-28 @ 9:14 PM
mystyley1103 @wndks1116 At home~~why?

2011-10-28 @ 9:15 PM
portos724 @mystyle1103 I got a massage and being a couch potato the whole day too. Now it's beginning to itch keke

2011-10-28 @ 9:18 PM
mystyle1103 @portos724 kekeke I'm also being a couch potato at home too~ Itching keke

2011-10-28 @ 9:34 PM
Soie2e @mystyle1103 Woahh!!!! I will definately go keke

2011-10-28 @ 9:44 PM
ljhmj85 @mystyle1103 @portos724 kekeke Everyone have a good rest!!!

2011-10-28 @ 9:47 PM
chosunchang @mystyle1103 @portos724 If you are itching, I will scratch it for you heehee

2011-10-28 @ 9:48 PM
portos724 @chosunchang @mystyle1103 Let's meet first tomorrow!!!

2011-10-28 @ 9:48 PM
wndks1116 @mystyle1103 Cos I wanted to go to your house~~ But the female dog* who called you last time is still teasing me now, how can you tease me?
[xiaochu :not sure if that's what he meant]

2011-10-28 @ 9:51 PM
jjongsoohyelims @mystyle1103 @Soie2e What what what what is that?? I will also go and watch~~~~!!!kekeke

2011-10-28 @ 10:13 PM
Soie2e @jjongsoohyelims @mystyle1103 YoungSaeng oppa is going to do musical! hehe kekekeke Go, go, unnie!! kekeke
2011-10-28 @ 11:05 PM
skullhong Ft JaeJin, HongKi, Beast JunHyung, ss501 KyuJong hyung, bowling competition start!!

2011-10-28 @ 11:33 PM
skullhong 1st round 1. HongKi 2. KyuJong hyung 3. JunHyung 4. JaeJin


[Trans] S/Tweet Treats 10.27.11
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Re-post with full credit please.

2011-10-27 @ 2:18 AM
Steven_Lee_ Just heard that Hyunjoong's "Lucky" album is ranked NO.1 in Korean Gaon Chart. Thank u!!! RT From Athens smile.gif

2011-10-27 @ 9:34 AM
seanalexander23 Video: KIM HYUN JOONG (from award-winning band “SS501”) will have a Japanese concert tour from this month.... tumblr.com/Zdzo_xB9YaaX

2011-10-27 @ 11:09 AM
Crazy_go KyuJong & YoungSaeng's season greeting RT Event winner is! @oilyoungsaeng! Congratulations! Please send us your Name/Contact/Address through DM^^ We will be sending you poloraid of YoungSaeng, who is cuter than the bear soft toy! twitpic.com/76b37v

2011-10-27 @ 1:15 PM
bibarijy2094 Practising with orchestra, together with the 3 new d'Artagnan ^^ http://yfrog.com/h321590463j

2011-10-27 @ 3:28 PM
wonjhan @HyungJun87 Ate with SukHoon yesterday...Also talked about you...ke come by for once..!!!

2011-10-27 @ 4:56 PM
rmdkdl Finished the support goods for musical three musketeers^^ This is the towel that goes with it~ Coming Saeng~ twitpic.com/76emzm

2011-10-27 @ 5:13 PM
Mmusical {Three Musketeers} Heo'tagnan fans's love delivery arrived yfrog.com/g0mdulj yfrog.com/nzbg0cj yfrog.com/h2liafkj

2011-10-27 @ 5:36 PM
poimin73 @mystyle1103 YoungSaeng-ah, I ate them well!!! It was really delicious, and I'll use the towel well too!!!! There's even album??kekeke

2011-10-27 @ 5:51 PM
leejeehoon79 YoungSaeng-ah, I ate really really well^^ I'm so full, eumhaha!!!!!!! twitpic.com/76f3y6

2011-10-27 @ 7:07 PM
rmdkdl Jointly presented by China Baidu HYS bar, we made our support goods for Three Musketeers. Thank you: ) http://twitpic.com/76fs1v http://twitpic.com/76ftrj http://twitpic.com/76ftuc

2011-10-27 @ 8:11 PM
sonya3543 Food and relief medicine prepared with utmost sincerity from YoungSaeng d'Artagnan fans~Thank you very much!^^ twitpic.com/76gij0

2011-10-27 @ 9:25 PM
sonya3543 @mystyle1103 YoungSaeng~Thanks to you today, I've eaten well.^^ Take care of yourself till the stage rehearsal and see you with yourpretty face~^^ Son~ it's to my taste..slurp!

2011-10-27 @ 10:08 PM
Hyejin0813 Kim HyunJoong finished M!countdown and everyone is making our way to Busan~

2011-10-27 @ 10:26 PM
bibarijy2094 @musical717 @mystyle1103 me too me too, towel is very pretty keke

2011-10-27 @ 10:50 PM
ljhmj85 @mystyle1103 YoungSaeng fanclub is the best!!!


[Trans] S/Tweet Treats 10.26.11
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

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2011-10-26 @ 2:25 PM
JUNUSofficial Kim Hyung Jun - SONGZIO FASHION SHOW Making Film youtube.com/watch?v=m4f8KG� via @youtube

2011-10-26 @ 5:22 PM
hangtenkorea This person who became a couple with a puppy!! Who could he be? hee twitpic.com/75y4fw

2011-10-26 @ 5:23 PM
hangtenkorea He is none other than!! Hangten model HyunJoong, who is cuter than the cute puppy ^^ They're so pretty as a couple wearing our Hangten clothes twitpic.com/75y4pj

2011-10-26 @ 5:35 PM
hangtenkorea HyunJoong who is signing dilligently! We will release a surprise huge gift soon!! Everyone be nervous and give Hangten lots of love! ♥-♥ twitpic.com/75y8b1

2011-10-26 @ 6:24 PM
seanalexander23 VIDEO: KIM HYUN JOONG: "YES I WILL" co-produced & co-written by @Steven_Lee_ @drewryanscott @seanalexander23 youtu.be/rXLAOLWyqUI

2011-10-26 @ 7:03 PM
HyungJun87 @lovelyn_twt Wah, must be really delicious

2011-10-26 @ 7:05 PM
shp7575 @HyungJun87 We were actually only meeting among people who has good voices.. You and Lyn can come together heehee

2011-10-26 @ 7:12 PM
ocd75 @shp7575 @HyungJun87 HyungJun, Lyn and JuYeon too? How about me? heehee used to this combination...

2011-10-26 @ 7:49 PM
lovelyn_twt @HyungJun87 Let's all come-

2011-10-26 @ 7:54 PM
babyj616 @ocd75 @shp7575 @HyungJun87 heehee Me too?? Okay really good!!!^^ But oppa, it is a gathering for people who good voices only!? hm...then oppa? Best ke

2011-10-26 @ 7:56 PM
sonya3543 YoungSaeng D'Artagnan's fans mixed the pics like this and gave me! hm Thanks^^twitpic.com/75zly7

2011-10-26 @ 8:58 PM
musicalactorKSH With early ending of practice as an excuse, went to eat BbyeoJjim...ke Delicious delicious~keke lockerz.com/s/150406469

2011-10-26 @ 9:06 PM
mystyle1103 @musicalactorKSH It looks delicious even by only looking at the pic of it keke

2011-10-26 @ 9:07 PM
musicalactorKSH @mystyle1103 keke let's go and eat when we meet next time~^^ hee

2011-10-26 @ 9:10 PM
musical717 @mystyle1103 kekk T T YoungSaeng-ah~ thanks for your hard work by taking on the run with me today kekeke It's the last run T T

2011-10-26 @ 9:13 PM
sonya3543 @mystyle1103 I'm also there too~^^Son~^^

2011-10-26 @ 9:31 PM
mystyle1103 @musicalactorKSH Yeap!! Go and eat it!!keke

2011-10-26 @ 9:32 PM
mystyle1103 @musical717 keke Constance~~~ You've worked hard!!!^^

2011-10-26 @ 9:33 PM
mystyle1103 @sonya3543 For a moment you became my mother keke

2011-10-26 @ 9:34 PM sonya3543 @mystyle1103 It's okay~^^It was really fun. Thanks for being cool with me~^^Woohahaha

2011-10-26 @ 8:00 PM
ocd75 @babyj616 @shp7575 @HyungJun87 Ah... My voice... TT TT

2011-10-26 @ 9:44 PM
HyungJun87 @shp7575 Ooing?

2011-10-26 @ 9:45 PM
HyungJun87 @lovelyn_twt Where where!

2011-10-26 @ 9:57 PM
musicalactorKSH @mystyle1103 Alright alright~ I'm okay with it anytime~ke

2011-10-26 @ 10:20 PM
wonjhan @HyungJun87 I can't meet with our HyungJun for the time being..???? T T

2011-10-26 @ 10:29 PM
lovelyn_twt @HyungJun87 Hongdae!

2011-10-26 @ 10:29 PM
ljhmj85 @mystyle1103 @sonya3543 kekeke you're being so bad to Sonya noona kekeke

2011-10-26 @ 10:32 PM
HyungJun87 @wonjhan ㅠㅡㅠ

2011-10-26 @ 10:33 PM
HyungJun87 @lovelyn_twt Now?!

2011-10-26 @ 10:34 PM
musicalactorKSH @ljhmj85 @mystyle1103 @sonya3543 JunHwa is asking for thousands of antis~~~kekeke

2011-10-26 @ 10:34 PM ljhmj85 @musicalactorKSH @mystyle1103 @sonya3543 I don't know now, me kekekeke

2011-10-26 @ 10:34 PM
mystyle1103 @ljhmj85 You were the noona that I'm most comfortable with keke I felt sorry but.. there's nothing I can do..keke

2011-10-26 @ 10:36 PM
ljhmj85 @mystyle1103 kekekekekekeke I'm curious what did the Hyungs in the musical make you do kekekekekekeke

2011-10-26 @ 10:39 PM
lovelyn_twt @HyungJun87 Next time ya fellow. heeheehee


[Trans] S/Tweet Treats 10.25.11
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

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2011-10-25 @ 12:00 AM
Actor_ParkJiBin @wndks1116 Hyung, whose birthday was it on that day? Did YoungSaeng hyung go too?

2011-10-25 @ 12:17 AM
wndks1116 @Actor_ParkJiBin No, I even phoned YoungSaeng hyung up, like I did with you

2011-10-25 @ 3:07 PM
mystyle1103 @Osh_yoru You're dead meat now!!!kekeke
[xiaochus : This is a reply to WonBin (@Osh_yoru) who was late for their rehearsal. There was a whole lot of tweets about him buying coffee for the cast and the other actors 'telling him off', but it's really too many so I thought I'd just explain it here why YS replied him this..]

2011-10-25 @ 3:39 PM
Osh_yoru With YoungSaeng hyung yfrog.com/esxowaj

2011-10-25 @ 4:02 PM
takejo2020 Music video teaser of rookie group "WE" produced by DJDOC Kim ChangRyul!!!pann.nate.com/video/219149387

2011-10-25 @ 4:18 PM
musical717 Section TV~ We filmed at HwangGeumMaCha (Gold carriage) ^-^ Menu is~ Budaejjigae (Spicy sausage soup)!! Musical "Three Musketeers" Hwaiting~~~twitpic.com/75hacf

2011-10-25 @ 4:21 PM
HyungJun87 Today, it's been a long time since I've been out. KyuJong-ah, see you later

2011-10-25 @ 5:18 PM
poimin73 It was fun^^ Section TV^^ pic.twitter.com/d3kfC7sI

2011-10-25 @ 5:46 PM
2kjdream @mastadoo "WE" the Best !!!^^ Yoohoo~~~ heehee

2011-10-25 @ 5:19 PM
sohyunkim_com Section TV HwangGeumMaCha recorded Three Musketeers episode^_^ ke Finished while laughing...heehee yfrog.com/khgq8hnj

2011-10-25 @ 5:46 PM
2kjdream @HyungJun87 Ung!! See you laterrrrr^^

2011-10-25 @ 5:53 PM
mastadoo @2kjdream yo ma bro~!^^ we got same dream huh~~!! KyuJong-ah let's Hwaiting~!!^^

2011-10-25 @ 6:22 PM
JungMin0403 Dear Turkish fan, Our company and our artist Jun min Park are deeply grieved about huge losses of both life and property wrought by the recent earthquake in Turkey. We sincerely hope the circumstance will be settled anytime soon and there is no more damage. Please take care of yourself.

2011-10-25 @ 6:23 PM
jjjjjin2yo @HyungJun87 Meeting among yourselves~ heehee

2011-10-25 @ 7:10 PM
HyungJun87 @jjjjjin2yo You are busy isn't it?

2011-10-25 @ 7:19 PM
musicalactorKSH With the orchestra...hee twitpic.com/75iue3

2011-10-25 @ 7:26 PM
sonya3543 One shot with YoungSaeng during the music rehearsal! He seems like a really kind little brother^^ YoungSaeng, who is always putting in his best! Let's Hwaiting~^^ twitpic.com/75iwyz

2011-10-25 @ 8:39 PM
JUNUSofficial It's been a long time since HyungJun attends a radio show!!! He will attend MBC Radio 91.9Mhz Kan MiYeon's Best Friend. Please listen to it~~~^^ Let's Go~~

2011-10-25 @ 9:03 PM
JUNUSofficial Girl - Live Stage in MBC Radio "Best Friend of Kan Mi Youn" yfrog.com/h76g1vmj

2011-10-25 @ 11:05 PM
jjjjjin2yo @HyungJun87 What busy, you are the one who is busy ke


[Trans] S/Tweet Treats 10.24.11
Korean to English translation by xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Re-post with full credit please.

2011-10-24 @ 3:31 AM
HyungJun87 @yejupark Song is sure good

2011-10-24 @ 6:14 AM
HyungJun87 @ocd75 I love you Mr ByeongGak!

2011-10-24 @ 6:16 AM
ocd75 @HyungJun87 I love you too. HyungJuni. Ah...goosebumps...

2011-10-24 @ 11:51 AM
babyj616 @ocd75 @HyungJun87 heehee Hurr~~Both of you are giving me goosebumps kekekeke

2011-10-24 @ 11:53 AM
HyungJun87 @babyj616 Goosebump HaJjuYeon!!

2011-10-24 @ 12:45 PM
lovelyn_twt @babyj616 @ocd75 @HyungJun87 Should we meet today or not?

2011-10-24 @ 2:35 PM
b2ment [Kim KyuJong] KIM KYU JONG - YESTERDAY Dance ver. http://t.co/5TymtSfH via @youtube

2011-10-24 @ 3:20 PM
babyj616 @lovelyn_twt @ocd75 @HyungJun87 Onning~~Good...Jju is all out for it..Infinite SsaeJjinGyo Mansae.... heehee
[xiaochu : *Not sure what is SsaeJjinGyo]

2011-10-24 @ 3:21 PM
babyj616 @HyungJun87 kekkeheheh~~Oh ya~~ It's goosebump Ha JjuYeon.....

2011-10-24 @ 4:26 PM
HyungJun87 @lovelyn_twt GO

2011-10-24 @ 5:10 PM
2kjdream Ah... Flood... And earthquake...please just.. stop.. I sincerely hope that there will not be any more damage done.. Keep it up everyone..!!

2011-10-24 @ 6:09 PM
mastadoo “@2kjdream: Ah... Flood... And earthquake...please just.. stop.. I sincerely hope that there will not be any more damage done.. Keep it up everyone..!!" TT TT TT TT

2011-10-24 @ 11:21 PM
wndks1116 @Actor_ParkJiBin It's not fun playing soccer with just two of us, so please ask hyung along too^^


Anonymous said...

i dont tweet so i dont know who is the one that tweets about dummysama hyunjoong....is it just random anonymous sender?

dummysama lol..

tetsu_girl said...

WOW sooo many tweets this week!
BIG THANKYU to xiaochu for sharing trans and to liezle for compiling! ♥
it's so great to read all their tweets. from HJB's official Junus updates, to YS being especially chatty w/ his new musical friends, and i love KJ hanging with his FTI & B2ST buddies. ^^

needs more JM! ;D

Anonymous said...

the best thing is, youngsaeng actually replied to fans! omg really shocking.

kelly said...

Nothing shocking. YS replied to fans in daum too. Not sure if good idea to reply in twitter though. Now all the fans will be straining their necks for replies from him :)

But I am glad he is having a good time with his new friends.