Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Surge of Pix of Jung Min @ 'Sugarcake Garden' PressCon 10.31.11 by p-jungmin

Here are nicely taken and big images of Jung Min from yesterday's open media (?) shooting, appointment of Jung Min as Incheon's Ambassador of Culture and Tourism and press conference for his upcoming Taiwanese drama 'Sugarcake Garden'. Big thank you to p-jungmin.com for this set of photos.

I have posted quite a lot of media photos yesterday but it's only in this set of photos from p-jungmin that I took notice of the new actress who took the place of Shara Lin. According to the news her name is Jian Man Shu. From the photos below I find her cute (though she's dress up so casually) . She and Jung Min look cute together in the close-up photos (better seen in big images), right?

If you will notice, the above photos had Jung Min changed three sets of clothes. If my guess is correct, the first one is for the open shooting (?), second is the ceremony for appointing him as Incheon Ambassador for Culture and Tourism and the third is for the presscon (?). Hee, if anyone knows please feel free to correct me. ^^


rainaftershine said...

Hi hi! Just to highlight that the new actress name is Jian Man Shu instead of Zheng Mei En. Apparently idk why the name 'Zheng Mei En' pop out in the article. Perhaps another actress in the drama? ^^;;

liezle said...

hi rainaftershine! just corrected the name as well as in the article. thanks you once again.


sinthia said...

oun he's so handsome!! His bright smile and mischievous behavior cheers me up!! ^^
Just seeing him smiling like that and it makes my day. =]

Anonymous said...

hello! Does anybody know why they changed Shara Lin? :) I'm just curious.

Anonymous said...

Angie Chai changed the entire staff from the director to the script writer. Only the acting staff remain except for Shara Lin. (Please correct me if I am wrong as I only remember reading a comment from someone's blog.... can't remember whose blog).

Below is quoted from Rainaftershine's blog:

Shara Lin’s manager said “Because the filming of drama has been delayed, she also needs to record for her album after that and thus, she withdraw from the drama.”