Wednesday, November 02, 2011

[Vid] Jung Min @ 'Sugarcake Garden' PressCon 10.31.11

First video I've seen from the event of Jung Min that took place last October 31 at Incheon. Much thanks to for sharing this.

With the re-shooting of some of the scenes, does anyone knows when Jung Min is going back to Taiwan?


tetsu_girl said...

ahh i didn't realize how much i've missed just watching JM talk and laugh and look cute. ^____^

LOL 0:23 JM said "an-nyeong-ha-se-yo" like a foreigner. XDDD

hope this is subbed soon. thansk for sharing!

liezle said...

hello tetsu_girl. he's so cute when he mispronounced it yah? i so miss hearing jung min talk. like you i am also hoping that someone will sub this.

btw, don't you think that the new lead actress is cute? her expression when JM put his arm on her shoulder and when the media and audience 'ahh' is so cute.


sinthia said...

OMG he's exceptionally charming in these clothes.*-*
I don't know if it's possible to JM, but he seems even more confident and relaxed.
Although he is about to achieve his dream of being an actor, but he's looking extremely serene and nothing anxious.

And about the new lead actress, I think they match a lot! When she's beside him in the video they make a very cute couple!^^