Sunday, December 04, 2011

[Vids] Kyu Jong @ Korean Wave Concert in YongPyeong Resort 12.03.12

Yesterday Kyu Jong together with G.NA, B2ST, 4Minute and My Name was at Yongpyeong Resort in Gangwon-do to perform at the free concert dubbed as Korean Wave Concert organized by Korean Tourism Organization. This event was a three day event which started on the 2nd of December and will end on the 4th of December.

Here are fancam sof Kyu Jong performing 'Wuss Up' , 'Yesterday' and a 6- minute interview on stage from wangjanim posted on their official YouTube channel, wangjanim0224. Please DO NOT re-upload video on any other streaming sites including YouTube.

After the show, Kyu Jong tweeted. Here's the translation that I lifted from the tweet of @KaHye95. Thanks!

2kjdream 오늘은 용평에서 좋은 추억..!! 만들고 돌아갑니다..^^ 고마워요!! ThanKYU ~

2kjdream Had good memories at yongpyeong today..!! Created them and returned..^^ Thanks!! ThanKYU


Anonymous said...

I wonder why Kyu sang 'Wuss Up" in last several performances. His current agency would not get any benefit for selling SS501 music. Does anyone have a good guess? It would be more make sense if he sings his songs from his mini album such as "My Love" etc. Anyway, I like Wuss Up but want to see him perform "My Love" too.

Anonymous said...

because the choreography is there? so it easier to do the song instead of creating new choreography with a new song.