Sunday, December 04, 2011

[Vids] Kyu Jong & Young from 'Season DOUBLE ATTRACTION'

Much thanks to TheSHERLINDA501 for sharing this video on YouTube in which original credit goes to

The whole time I was watching this video, I've a big smile on my face. Kyu Jong and Young Saeng are just too adorable and handsome. And their conversation is so cute! Geez, why are these men so adorable? Just loving them to the max!

Heaps of thanks to veggiedelight for the email on the above vid.

Here is another video from the same DVD this time from YouTube channel of Malexxx28

Much thanks to candy for the email for this one.


etet said...

Oh my... I also had a huge smile on my face :)
I even found myself laughing...
How these 2 can brighten up a day, just by being them!!!

Brotherhood and Friendship... They obviously have it both and it's so nice to see that they have each other....

Anonymous said...

ohohohoh our handsome kyu joongie prince

Anonymous said...

I cant decide who is cutest ^^

kelly said...

I wonder whether the Christmas song is dubbed by Ardent Lover or from the actual DVD. But it is so cheery, it makes me really feel that Christmas is round the corner. Love these boys.

Anonymous said...

i can decide our kyujoog is the handsome one ^^

Anonymous said...

one is cute and the other one is sweet

we all know which is which
and both are as precious :)

Anonymous said...

kyu joong so handsome,
so sexy. love you,
you are the best