Thursday, April 14, 2011

[Full Vid] Jung Min @ YoungStreet 04.11.11

This is the radio show wherein Jung Min guested in Hee Chul's radio program on SBS that I missed to watch. Much thanks though to as I can now watch this. Thanks as well to tetsu_girl for tweeting the links to the vids.

About part 3 JungMinShine wrote this on the comment box of her YT channel...

JM said he is really close to Ranka-chan, so they call each other 'Ranka-chan' and 'Jung-chan'. But one day JM played a joke on him(Ranka-chan), Ranka-chan took JM's joke seriously, and was a little angry. Usually JM said something, Ranka-chan used to react with funny gestures, but after the 'joking', Ranka-chan didn't show any funny reaction to JM. JM sensed that Ranka-chan is angry about his jokes, and was embarrased. So they've had awkward times for a few days...^^

DJ suggests JM to send a 'Voice Letter' to his manager(not seriously, just for fun), JM laughed(this is 4:43 part that you mentioned) and said "Dear my Ranka-chan. You know how much I care about you, right? I joked hard on you sometimes. But please don't mind my silly joking. I hope you take care of me(Ranka-chan's Jung-chan) continuously!:D"

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Anonymous said...

youngstreet was fun to watch. this week was good cuz i got to see JM in both YS and MH. i can't wait for the sub to come out so i can understand everything that was said.

thanks for the tidbit about his little jokes with his manager.