Thursday, April 14, 2011

[Full Vid] MuHigh 2nd Birthday on Webcast 04.14.11

I am certain many are already waiting for this. Here's MuHigh's 2nd Birthday broadcast today with Jung Min and Kyu Jong as special guests of DJ Jjun.

Thanks to for uploading in YT.

This broadcast was an awesome entertainment for me (and a lot who were able to watch and listen) at 2AM today. Was smiling, laughing, giddy and so wide awake. Check for yourself why. Have fun watching!


Anonymous said...

Loved this. It didn't feel like I was watching a radio show but had happened to catch some friends hanging out. So many good things in this broadcast like the playing of Hyung Jun's first broadcast, the constant bursting into laughter, the great ohgeulsong where Kyu Jong couldn't stop laughing, and of course the epic ending where they played with the camera. I'm sure I'm forgetting so many other great moments. Watching this really made me happy. Just watching their great friendship kept me smiling the whole time. :)

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to PoohMuHigh who uploaded these epic videos and to Liezle who posted them..

I missed them so much, im glad KyuJong also came to celebrate the anniversary.. Im happy watching Baby sitting together with two people he loved....

Baby said on Mpick epidoe 52 he, KyuJong and JungMin would be together as a team but Youngsaeng wanted to join them too so JungMin and KyuJong welcomed YoungSaeng and leaving Baby alone with Leader hahhaa.....what a good old day... XD

Anonymous said...

I've always thought that studio recordings are done in a small enclosed room, didn't know it can be done in a conference-like room with mics on the table like theirs! Possibly the most enjoyable radio show i've ever watched, despite not understanding what they say. I love them so much!

Liezle, can you understand korean? Wish they'll have english sub for this :-(

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing!! it was so much fun to watch eventhough i didn't understand anything..their actions were hilarious especially during the oguelsong nd when they were playing wit the cam near the end..these boys r so much fun!!i miss them so much..wish they would comeback but i am prepared to wait as long as i can if we get lil surprises like this.
ss501 fighting

Anonymous said...

love watching these 3 together again. it reminded me so much of the good old SS501 days........i always laugh when i see JM; i laugh even harder when i see tom/jerry, but last night with the addition of KJ, it was crazy like the old days.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for these vids :) gotta brace yourself, ive gotta share this... its gonna be a long post :)

what can i say? ive missed them... these 3 younger members are having fun... they soo missed each other like we do with them.... loved how they support each other, Kyu and magnae placed cd of Mal in front of the camera for promotions:) funny when the studio replayed how baby greet the audience every music high opening, then they asked Kyu to do the same... it sounded sexy and when Mal was asked to do it, he bursted out laughing and couldnt do it... maknae always saying the word SS501, ...maknae and Mal also knows the dance steps of wussup.... i love how maknae held mal's face and kinda shake-squeeze it while Kyu was dancing wuss up, i love when they played IU's song and on the highest part of the song, Kyu took Maknae's hand and lypsincd but made a funny face which made Baby do the same and Mal, i love how Baby is a touchy person - always taking the chance to hold or touch his bros....when they mentioned Kara's jumping single Mal said it was really " jungmin, jungmin, jungmin-ah", on the 4th vid i loved when maknae introduced double-essu-oh-gong-ilmida....funny how kyu took Mal's cd and placed it in his pocket... heartwarming and touching when they played wan du kong for TripleS....crazy fun when the 3 stood up in front of the camera posing and making cutesy faces... loved when the 3 danced oh!ah and not alone.... now if only some kind person can eng sub would be awesome!!!!!!

i miss them sooo much.... though these guys often meet and hang out behind camera. i do so wish or them to do that in front now.. i just have this high hopes that there comeback will be really soon

and sory for the long post:)


Anonymous said...

ahh, i love them so much! how are they so naturally charming and lovable all the time?? you know how entertainers have to prepare routines before shows? well, SS501 are just always this cute, funny, entertaining, and so in-sync when together! without speaking, they know what the others are thinking/doing and play along. SS501 really is the BEST.

thank you for sharing, pooh & liezle!

by the way, i found a vid with a bit more of the ending with the 3 bunnies doing the "Not Alone" final pose together. XD

Anonymous said...

this is the daebak! i love seeing this boys together. maknae is really happy looking in his action he's very touch & happy that 2 of his member came.

this is what i think. maknae wants all of his members to be the guest for his MUhigh 2nd birthday. But unfortunately the 2 hyungs are busy rehearsing and recording for their incoming album that's why they cannot make it. but as we can see even the absence of their hyungs they are very happy and enjoy every single minute of the show together.

Congratz DJJUN!!!
i'm happy for SS501..fighting!!!waiting to see all of them together.

Thank you to Liezle and PoohMuhigh for uploding this video.

Anonymous said...

Its so touching and beautiful to see them together and we can all see their special friendship. But, how come we never see Leader with them in any shows or pictures...does he gets together with them?? or he just doesnt like to be seen together for now...its kind of a mistery to me.....and sad at the same time...seems that the other 4 are more connected than he is with them.

Anonymous said...

i'm tearing up cuz i'm so happy BROTHERS FOREVER!!! ^^ enough said