Sunday, April 03, 2011

Highlights from Jung Min's Birthday Party with Fans 04.03.11

Jung Min's Birthday Party with fans at the Millennium Hall of KonKuk University has ended some 1 hour ago. Jung Min spent 2 hours with fans playing with them, singing songs and having an enjoyable time with them. From the tweets of shewen0629, Jung Min's parents were present as well as his sister. His special guest for this celebration is of course no less than Kim Hyung Jun who even sang 'oH! aH!' with his dancers.

Other highlights from the event are :

- Jung Min singing 'Everyday is Christmas' and changing the Christmas to Birthday
- JungMin's time with 8 fans who received hugs and had some very special moment with him
- Jung Min and Hyung Jun on stage dancing to the chorus of 'oH! aH!'
- Hyung Jun called Jung Min 'Mal'
- Jung Min asking Hyung Jun for present and Hyung Jun telling him that he can't give and JM walked away. ^^
- Jung Min and Hyung Jun hugged
-During fans interaction with fans JM said that he doesn't have any girlfriend at the moment.
- Hyung Jun asking JM who he loves the most ^^
- JM talked about the Anan Magazine (half naked photoshoot) and Hyung Jun saying if it's photoshopped. ^^
- Hyung Jun carrying Jung Min while JM hooking his arm to HJB like a koala bear.
- Fans asking them to kiss and Hyung Jun said kiss again? ^^
- There was a fan made video in which JM watch on the stage floor then Hyung Jun came out to watch together with him.
- JM wrote a letter to fans which he read
- Last song was he sang was 'Do You Know?'
- At the end of the event MV of 'Like Tears Are Flowing' was played.

Super super heaps of thanks to shewen0629 for the above.

That's all for now. I am still looking for photos and videos. If I see any, I will surely be posting them right away. For the meantime, while we wait let me post this photo first which I got from Baidu.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for shared good moment from JM BD ^^~

Anonymous said...

As a Hyung Jun fan, I always feel happy whenever I see my bias hanging around Jung Min. I guess beside (RIP) Park Yong Ha as a number one person in Hyung Jun's heart.. I think sooner or later, Jung Min will replace PYH to be a number one person in Hyung Jun's heart because Hyung Jun cares a lot about Jung Min, remember when he brought Pizza for Jung Min in Not Alone's MV shooting on Nov.2010..? so does with PJM, he cares so much about Hyung Jun too ^^ I hope these two can keep getting along together.

A.L.I.C.I.A said...

ahhh i KNEW this would happen. Baby and JM are just...LOVE
true brotherhood. true friends.

Anonymous said...

these 2 are inseparable. :)
I just love them.

Anonymous said...

Where are the other ss501 members. love to see them together. Are they busy?

Anonymous said...

tom and jerry yay!!
it wud have been nice if all the members attended too.
happy birthday jungmin!

Anonymous said...

Jung Min got baby support , Kyu and Young Seung together ,, yet our leader is alone ?