Sunday, April 03, 2011

Media Pix from Jung Min's Birthday Party with Fans 04.03.11

Finally media photos for the birthday celebration of Jung Min with fans at Millennium Hall of KonKuk University are out! Here are photos which I lifted from Naver.

Jung Min & Hyung Jun watching fan made video
presented to Jung Min.

Jung Min and Hyung Jun sitting so close together
while watching fan made video.

This fan is the fan JM carried and spins around.
She cried and JM hugged her many times.
JM is really such a sweetie and really'
cares for the fan.

Carrying a lucky fan.

Writing something using his butt.

JM carried a fan and spin her around.
The fan cry and got hugged by JM many times!

Jung Min with a lucky fan taking selca

I am adding more media photos from this post. ^_^


Anonymous said...

jungmin more more handsome >,<
aaaaaa i love you minjoon couple XDDD~

Anonymous said...

Hyung Jun is pretty and cute, I become more and more like him!!! :D Lucky fans and Happy Birthday to JungMin..!!

Anonymous said...

heehee Tom&Jerry couple so cute! ahh, lucky fans! JM is just the sweetest!! he's so loving and you can see how touched and happy he is to be with fans on his birthday. hope it was the happiest one ever!
thanks for sharing, liezle!

white said...

so cute sitting on the floor tgt! ^ ^
like students :D hehehe
fighting for your solo activities ne!~ :)

Anonymous said...

they're adorable! i was hoping the other members would show up as well since they're free...oh least JM can always count on magnae to be there. the news article said JM was using his butt to write his name. lol.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that one member about to release an album and one member recording an album is someone's idea of being "free". lol