Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[Photos] Jersey No. 51 from MWL Sports

Much thanks to veggiedelight for the following photos which she lifted from Baidu.

I went to the link she sent for MWLSports and saw that the jersey Kyu Jong wore last March 7 for a baseball match was posted on that site last 16th of February. Over 2 months already and fans discovered it only yesterday? ^_^

Kyu Jong wearing jersey no. 51. Wonder what's the significance of 51? As if we don't know SS501 members have an affinity with numbers 501. ^^ It pretty obvious though that Kyu Jong cannot use the number 501 in his jersey.

Hee, I thought at first this is really Kyu Jong's figure. ^_^


Anonymous said...

aw, that's our sweet Kyu, always thinking of SS501. ^______^

but i've always wondered, what is the significance of Saengie's favorite no. 17?

Anonymous said...

kyujong fighting!
ss501 fighting!!